Friday, March 18, 2011

One Month and Growing Like A Weed....

I can't believe that one month ago today my husband and I were blessed with our beautiful little
Sweet Pea. Time is flying by and that makes me sad. I'm having a hard time believing that Bubba is 6, Pumpkin 3 1/2 and now Sweet Pea is a month old. Bubba has his first 4-H Cloverbuds meeting
 tonight and a T-Ball meeting Monday he is going to keep me busy this summer for sure. But I enjoy seeing him happy and active in programs that has his interest. I would rather see him outside
 playing ball and in the garden instead of sitting in front of the TV like a lot of children do anymore.

In the past month my family has been blessed with Sweet Pea and my husband with a new job. The
 new job was a great blessing to our family. My husbands current job has him working 50 minutes away from home and afternoons so he hardly gets to see Bubba other then putting him on the school bus. The new is only 6 miles from our house so about 15 minutes away depending on weather and traffic and he will be working mornings so he will be home for dinner and get time to spend with the kids.

So I have decided to start making Sweet Pea's cloth diapers I bought  the La-Ti-Da pattern because it
 is my favorite that i've come across. I am also gonna be doing changing pads, travel diaper cases and other things. My husband is happy because I will finally be putting the sew machine to use that he bought me several years ago for my birthday. I love to sew and quilt its just finding the time and
space to do it. I will let you know how my projects turn out as i'm doing them.


  1. aww.. I love making cloth diapers... My son was born feb 5th..

  2. is it hard? i thought id try it to help save costs

  3. New follower from Bloggy Moms. What a beautiful baby!

    And props to your for taking on sewing project, I can't sew to save my life.

    Would love a follow back if you could, thanks!