Wednesday, April 13, 2011

May Challenge

May Challenge

So I have decided to challenge my family and followers for the month of May to walk a mile a day weather permitting. I am doing this to help my husband lose weight and to help everyone including the dog to be healthier in the family. We have a park in our backyard with a walking track and two
laps around the track equals one mile. So my plan is to have my family and dog walk the track everyday in the month of May. I am hoping that you will join my family in this challenge to not only support us but help yourselves get healthier as well. I am going to take a picture each day on the
walk and post about it. I will make a page for you to send me pictures that I'll post as well so we can help keep each other on track. Would you be interested in a scavenger hunt? A different item each
day that our pictures would be of granted we can all find them?

Extra Entry Opportunity 1: If you post to this saying you will join my family in this challenge
you can have 5 extra entries into any open giveaway on the blog. Label the entries
May Challenge 1-5

Extra Entry Opportunity 2: Should we do a Scavenger Hunt with the pictures for the month? Or just post pictures of something different each day??? Label the entries Pictures 1-5


  1. & I can't find the giveaways on here.. ??

  2. Here is a link but it posted on the left hand side of the blog.

  3. ok (eek) I will be part of the challenge... hopefully the weather will start actually being spring by May.

    And I vote for the scavenger hunt to make it a bit more exciting (frog, lost dog, flowers type of thing?)

  4. errrr..... I SHOULD definitely do this, I'm getting married in October and birthed our child in December. I haven't started to do a thing to lose the baby weight. *sigh*. I'm in. After all, May 1st I'm doing a 4 mile walk for March of Dimes... way to start the movement right?
    PS I think a Scavenger Hunt would be way fun! We could make it a game!

  5. I will join your family. I need to lose some baby weight and my hubby needs to lose what he calls "sympathy weight". lol

    I love the idea of a scavenger hunt!

  6. I would love to be part of this challenge! Some days I walk a lot, but some days I don't because I am lazy!! I would also love the scavenger hunt, but it may be hard for us city gals to find certain things!! Great idea!

  7. We will join you :) I need to figure out how far a mile is around here.... lol. And as for the scavenger hunt - I think that will be alot of fun. Maybe make a list for each week? For example:
    Sunday - frog
    Monday - bug
    Tuesday - cat
    Wednesday - squirrel
    and so on :)

  8. Yea i'm loving the response from everyone :-)