Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Challenge Picture List and Details

Today is May 1st so we are starting the May Challenge today. What is the May
Challenge you ask? I am challenging you to join my family in walking a mile or more everyday in the month of May. I am also doing a scavenger hunt. You are to take a picture each day and I will have something different each day that the picture should
be of. You can email the pictures to me at andersonsangels2010 at gmail dot com
and I will post them in a special album here on the blog.

                                                    Picture List:
                                                      1st - Bird
                                                      2nd - Flower
                                                      3rd - Budding/Flowering  Tree
                                                      4th - Sky
                                                      5th - Rock/s
                                                      6th - Leaf
                                                      7th - Bug
                                                      8th - Dog
                                                      9th - Duck
                                                    10th - Water
                                                    11th - Dandelion
                                                    12th - Frog
                                                    13th - Tree
                                                    14th - Swing
                                                    15th - Bushes
                                                    16th - Bicycle
                                                    17th - Slide
                                                    18th - Spider or Spider Web
                                                    19th - Trash - that is not yours and which you
                                                    then disposed of properly. 
                                                    20th - Penny - or any type of currency
                                                    21st - Butterfly
                                                    22nd - Sun
                                                    23rd - Clover
                                                    24th - Bark of a Tree
                                                    25th - Squirrel
                                                    26th - Caterpillar or Worm
                                                    27th - Bench
                                                    28th - Flag
                                                    29th - Kids Playing
                                                    30th - People having a picnic
                                                    31st - A picture of you holding a sign of how
                                                    many miles you walked total for the month of May.

Can't wait to see all picture and to see how many miles we all walk total for the month
of May. If this goes well we will do another Challenge for June so if you have any suggestions on what it should be or if you like the walking let me know.


  1. I really *SHOULD* do this...... *sigh* It's a good idea. :)

    Sadie from

  2. Then join us even if you don't do it everyday

  3. OOH! What a GREAT idea! And a push to get us all out & moving! Hmm...just may join you! ;o)