Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Common Pain Relievers Good or Bad?

Can Common Pain Relievers Do More Harm Than Good?

When it comes to relieving the common headache or body aches, it seems as if the cure may be
worse for you than the pain it's supposed to relieve.

Consumption of NSAIDs - common pain relievers like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and acetaminophen (Excedrin) - has grown to 70 million prescriptions and 30 billion over-the-counter sales annually. That statistic is disturbing to Michael Sheehan, founder of natural medications company
BioResource Inc., because of a study from the Archive of Internal Medicine (AIM) that reveals NSAIDS may play a part in the development of heart disease.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Homemade Flubber (water putty)

Homemade Flubber (water putty)

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your kiddos? How about making homemade Flubber also known as Water Putty...
As you do, this activity think about our need for clean water and ways to
use it wisely.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Loves Disco Review & Giveaway

I recently came across the Baby Loves Disco Tour but unfortunately the closes one to us was in Pennsylvania and we are unable to attend due to fiances. But I did talk to one of
their wonderful reps and got a Baby Loves Disco to review & giveaway which is the soundtrack to the show.

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to talk with your kids about Money

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” This saying may seem obvious, although today’s youth seem to think
the opposite. Who can blame them though – unlike the baby boomers the new generation of youth have grown up in a time of economic prosperity and are used to being coddled by their parents. In 2011
alone, over 85 percent of college graduates will be moving back home (Huffington Post).

A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 - Family Packages

Guess what time it is!!! Yep you guessed it A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0!!!
There are over 100 blogs participating and over $10,000 in prizes to be won!
And here at Andersons Angels I have five seperate prize packs up for grabs from some awesome
sponsors. So check out what all you can win!!

Family Prize Packs-

Baby, Girls, Boys, Mom & Dad
Value - $387+

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **** Sponsor PostAre you looking for a great place to get books for your family? Then you should check out They have all your families reading needs met. " is a site that
is enjoyable, safe and educational. There are many features including a Parents and Teachers
section that will highlight issues relevant to reading for children." At ‘good
business’ means donating 5% of all there profits to Children’s Literacy Initiatives. They believe
this policy will help children most at risk realize a brighter and more secure future.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 Package Previews

So ABE 2.0 is just around the corner... I thought id give you all a preview of the packages I have coming up for you!! I still currently have more sponsors coming in so the packages may be a little different when the event starts. I hope you all enjoy what I have coming up for you as prizes and some great discounts as well!! I will be using rafflecopter for the entry method. You will have to complete mandatory entries for the packages which will be located on the sponsor spotlight posts.

Package 1: For Baby

Onsie - from Imilk baby -$ 17.99
Click here to read post...

Nursing Cover & choice of either a Diaper Clutch or Burpeas from The Peanut Shell - $48.98 / $51.98
Click here to read post...

Package Total: $67.97 / $69.97

Package 2: Girls Prize Package

Custom Hair Bow from Small Town Crafts - $10.00
Click here to read post...

explora truly spill proof straw cups from Tommee Tippee - $8.99
Click here to read post...

Pink iPlay Tie-dye 2 Piece Rashguard Set with a UV protection from My Swim Baby - $25.99
Click here to read post...

Twilight Sea Turtle from Cloud b - $29.95

Package Total: $92.93

Package 3: Boys Prize Package

1 pack of Straw-lution straws - $4.99
Click here to read post...


A copy of Quirky Kids' Zoo by Pat Brannon - $11.96
Click here to read post...

Share A Berry & Digger's Garden Games From SimplyFun - $52.00

Package Total: $68.95

Package 4: For Mom

A $25 Gift Certificate from Dali Decals - $25.00
Click here to read post...

A Vintage Recipe Pot Holder from nancypolacek - $14.50

Package Total: $69.49

Package 5: For Dad

A Gift Pack, Tool Set & 2 T-Shirts from Country Bobs - $57.80
Click here to read post...

A Ulitmate Body Applicator from Brandy Clevenger ~ It Works - $29.00
Click here to read post...

Package Total: $86.80

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Cloud B**

Cloud B Sponsor Post

Cloud B is dedicated to helping children of all ages sleep better. Their philosophy
is that every child deserves a sound night's sleep for healthy development. Their award-winning
products are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists with a
single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for your child. Cloud B uses only the finest materials to ensure the quality and elegance that every child deserves. Cloud B is also dedicated to providing less fortunate children the quality sleep they deserve through product donations and financial contributions
to charitable organizations nationwide.

I was given a Twilight Sea Turtle to review and must say I LOVE IT! The Twilight Sea Turtle transforms
any room into a Starry Night Sky. The Twilight Sea Turtle was designed to help children sleep easier as
well as help bring awareness to endangered sea animals. The Twilight Sea Turtle has a beautiful shell
that illuminates in three soothing colors while also highlighting five endangered sea animals; the Blue Whale, California Sea Otter, Knysna Seahorse, Leatherback Turtle and Vaquita Dolphin. The Turtle also comes with a Twilight Storybook that includes a Twilight Sea Turtle story that teaches children about endangered sea animals, a helpful Star Guide and an adoption certificate.

Bubba and Pumpkin really like how the turtle turns their bedroom into a lovely night sky that they can
look for constellations. I love how soft the turtles body is even though the shell is hard.

Twilight Sea Turtle Features:
* Night sky projection on ceiling
* Stars project in Ocean Blue, Emerald Green or both colors together
* Shell illuminates for a calming effect (Blue, Green or Aquamarine)
* Five endangered sea animals pictured on shell; each individually illuminates
* Auto shut-off - 45 minute sleep timer
* Star Guide to help identify constellations
* Twilight Sea Turtle storybook and adoption ceriticate
* Three AAA batteries included
* Ideal for ages 3 to adult
- If using in a babies room I would recommend it being put up out of reach

Monday, August 15, 2011

Willvin Diaper Bag Review & Giveaway

Are you like most moms and no longer are addicted to purses but instead diaper bags? Are you one who has several bags and each have there own priority when leaving the house? Like the sitters bag, the traveling bag, the quick trip to the store bag? What if you didn't all these bags would you feel like something was missing? What if you only needed one bag for all your needs because it was spacious and roomy enough to hold all you need would you be interested? I was the mom who had 3-4 different diaper bags that all served in my everyday life with different purposes. I now only have 2 diaper bags
that I use and the one hardly ever leaves the house; it's my sitter bag and anyone who knows me it's a battle for me to leave Sweet Pea anywhere for longer then an hour. I was so excited when I got offered the chance to review a Willvin (of Sweden) diaper bag.

Willvin diaper bags are the design of Petra, a mother of two young boys. She had tried at least 10 different diaper bags and though there were things she liked about them all there was also something that typically wasn't just right on them. Since she was unable to find exactly what she needed and wanted in the diaper bags that were currently on the market Petra decided to take matters into her own hands and the  Willvin diaper bag was born. I received the Willvin Magnificent in leatherette beige to review.

The bag is made from a very durable tough polyester which looks like leather and resembles real leather to the point that people don't know that it is not. :-) I am in love with the color and design of this bag. Jake does not mind carrying this bag at all because it is so neutral and the color is one that can be carried all year. One thing that I am always looking for in a diaper bag is it's functionality. Since I have three children I need to carry more then just diapers and wipes with me. I love all the pockets that this
bag has and especially the bottom compartment.

As most of you know we are now a Fluff Butt household!! But how many diaper bags out there are made adequately enough to hold more then one or two cloth diapers? Not Many At All... Which sucks for our Fluffy Moms. I am able to fit 6-8 cloth diapers depending on if I have pockets or pre-folds in the bottom compartment of my Willvin diaper bag! I also use the front pockets to carry a change or two of clothing for Sweet Pea. There are two mesh side pockets that I typically use for Bubba and Pumpkins
drink cups.

The inside of the bag is large enough to hold everything I need for daily errands and overnighters. The large inside compartment typically holds my wipe case, changing pad, nursing wrap, wet bag, toys and my camera. There are also small compartments inside there where I keep my diaper rash stick, hand sanitizer, sunblock and any other necessities a mom may need with her.

If you are like most moms having your diaper bag in the basket of your stroller does you no good because it's hard to access. But with some diaper bags hanging them on the stroller is not helpful either because the shoulder straps are so long they end up rubbing on the strollers wheels getting them dirty. :-( I had never had a diaper bag before with stroller straps and I can absolutely say I love the Willvin integrated stroller slips. You just pull them out from the inside of the diaper bag wrap them around your stroller handle and clip. The bag is then held at the perfect height and is not in your way.

This is a bag that can be used for years to come I'd say from birth - adult easily. This bag can function in so many was other then a diaper bag as well like carry on bag for airplanes, laptop carrying case, book bag etc... Make sure you stop by Willvin's website to see all there great bags, colors and materials.

By the way you'll want to check back in a week for a awesome chance to win one of these awesome bags!!!

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Ladybugs 'n Lily Pads Boutique**

Ladybugs 'n Lily Pads Boutique Spotlight Review

Linda has crocheted for years but stopped while her kids were growing up. Recently she began again
and quickly realized how much she LOVES IT! Her daughter suggested she make her grandson a hat...
and Ladybugs 'n Lily Pads was born! Linda specializes in handmade crochet hats, diaper covers and anything for babies and children! Linda was gracious enough to let me review one of her Owl Hats with Sweet Pea.

Every time Sweet Pea sees her Owl Hat she gets a big smile on her face. She loves the colors and the
cute face on the hat. The hat is made very well and you can tell Linda pays close attention to the detail
in her work. She uses heavy yarn for her crocheting so the hat stands up very well and is very sturdy.
 Most of her items can be made in sizes newborn thru age 10 years. Most any color is available!


Make sure you stop by Ladybugs 'n Lily Pads Boutique and see all the wonderful things that she
makes. Her items would make great photo props for any photographer; also if you are looking for that something special for your little one go and check her out. Also make sure you let her know that your stopping by from Andersons Angels Blog...

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Pat Brannon**

Pat Brannon Spotlight Review
Do you enjoy reading books with your children? We do in our household and I love when Bubba tries to
read to Pumpkin and Sweet Pea. I am always looking for new and interesting books to add to my
children's collection. I especially like the books that are easier for Bubba to read and that help him with
his reading skills. I came across Pat Brannon who is a author of children's books several months ago and had been talking with her about possibly setting up a review of her new book "Quirky Kids' Zoo".

I have to say that I Loved reading this book with Bubba and Pumpkin! It is a very cute book for kids and
is one that can be used with kids that are beginning to read. It is a very bright and colorful book. The
boys and I were loving the crazy different animals in the zoo and the silly things they were doing.
Bubba's favorite animal in the book was the Bats and Pumpkins was the Lions.

I think this book would make a great addition to any child's book collection. Make sure you go and visit
Pat and check out her books and get one for your children today. I guarantee if you get "Quirky Kids Zoo" you will Love it as will your kids.

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Straw-lution**

Straw-Lution Spotlight Review
How many times do you give your kids a snack that requires a spoon and ends up being a big mess? Whether its juice pouches, pudding, yogurt etc... Don't you wish there was a way for your children to
enjoy these items mess free? I know I do and was super excited when I found something to help with
this sticky, messy situation. What is it you ask??

The Straw-Lution straw helps eliminate messes and offers kids the self confidence that they are able
to do it by themselves. The straws can be easily inserted into a variety of snacks and drinks such as yogurts, puddings, JELLO, juice boxes and pouches, and many more. The Straw-Lution Straw has four small "arms" that stick out and keep it from being removed easily from whatever it is in. These straws
are shorter than the average straw which makes them the perfect length for the little ones. The straws come in packs of 12 for about $5, and are made in yellow, blue, green and pink.

They are also:
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
Made in the USABubba and Pumpkin have enjoyed using the Straw-Lution straws while eating their snacks because they were able to have their treat without me constantly reminding them not to make a mess. What a relief that I don't have to constantly worry about having to clean up a mess or find hidden dirty spoons.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **SimplyFun**

SimplyFun Sponsor Post
What do you do on a rainy day with your child? My children seem to think the only options around here 
are TV, movies, destroying the house, and driving mom crazy. Not what I want them to be doing. I'd
prefer them to be reading, coloring, building, cleaning anything that is productive. I was so excited
when I got SimplyFun as a ABE 2.0 sponsor for my Boy's Prize Package.

I have been trying to help Bubba and Pumpkin begin to learn how to play board games lately. But most
that I have came across one can play but the other can not so they get frustated and don't want to play.
I really like that SimplyFun has games that both my boys can easily play and understand without to
much help from someone. SimplyFun sent us Digger's Garden and Share A Berry to review and also giveaway in ABE 2.0.

My boys and I enjoyed playing both these games and I love that they were helping the boys with there numbers, colors, shapes, counting, adding and subtraction. What a great tool to help Pumpkin with
these skills as he is preparing for Kindergarten next year and Bubba who will be entering 1st grade in a couple of weeks.

SimplyFun's Mission is to make learning fun and easy and to keep families connected through the power
of play. You can find a wide variety of games and products from SimplyFun like games, puzzles, crafts, projects and more! Stop by there site to find games and activities for your children today
no matter their age!

Friday, August 12, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Country Bob's BBQ***

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Spotlight Post

If your husband is anything like Jake he jumps at the chance to get the grill out. We are the crazy household you see grilling in the middle of   Needless to say my hubby was ecstatic when I
told him I was getting Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce for him to review. He is always looking for something new and yummy to use while grilling.  The first thing Jake made with the sauce was some hamburgers and they passed the family taste test with flying colors. Pumpkin is our non-meat eater
usually and he loved the hamburgers as well.

My hubby loves how versatile the sauce is you can use it on Steaks, Hamburgers, Chicken, Fries etc...
We love the great taste and how you don't need to use a ton to get a great flavor. "Almost everyone
who tries Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce becomes a lifelong user. And why not, it is the perfect complement to practically any meal set on your table."

(Steaks Jake made for dinner one night)

We invited my in-laws to stay for dinner one evening when they were dropping the boys off from a camping trip. We made Steaks on the grill using the Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce and my in-laws fell in love with the sauce. Lucky for us we have some local stores that sell Country Bob's which made my Mother In Law happy. Next time you are getting ready to grill or even bake make sure you grab some Country Bob's and try them on your meat.

Now through Labor Day Country Bob's is offering 25% off any orders placed online through their website. Go check them out and get your family some Country Bob's today to try.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **My Swim Baby**

My Swim Baby Sponsor Post

How many of you parents worry about how well your little ones are protected from the sun with their swimsuits on? We apply sunscreen but are their cloths actually protecting them from the sun as well? After the sunburn Pumpkin got this year I was almost afraid to take Sweet Pea in the sun; even though I know its a great way for the kids to get natural Vitamin D. What would you say if I told you I found a company that makes a 2 Piece Rashguard Set that has specially treated fabric with a UV protection factor of 50+. That comes with the Ultimate Swim Diaper made up of 3 layers -a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, an absorbent layer to absorb wetness and a wickaway lining to keep moisture from baby's skin. I'm guessing your going who; who makes these sets I want one... Well ladies and gentlemen the company is
iPlay and My Swim Baby has been gracious enough to donate one for ABE 2.0...

My Swim Baby sent Sweet Pea the Pink iPlay Tie-dye Rashguard Set to review. I must say that I was excited that the set came with a cloth diaper instead of a diaper cover. I like how soft the fabric is on Sweet Peas skin. The swim set is made up of a stretchy, water-friendly Nylon/Lycra. The Pink Tie-dye Set top has short sleeves and shirred ties on the sides and the bottom is a reusable swimming diaper with matching ties. The Blue Tie-dye Set top also has short sleeves and a matching reusable swimming diaper. The reusable swim diaper is snug fitting around the legs and waist.  I like not having to worry about the suns ray soaking through Sweet Peas swim suit and causing her skin damage that we are unaware of. I was also fond of the swim diaper and how it has the three layers to help keep the wetness in and away from the babies skin.