Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **Nancy Polacek**

Nancy Polacek Spotlight Review 
I am a momma that loves to cook and bake all time and I am always looking for a new recipes. I also
have the problem of misplacing my recipes all time. Though I try to keep my recipes in one place with having children in the house its easier said then done. When I came across Nancy Polacek's etsy shop I loved the idea she had for potholders. Nancy makes her potholders with a copy of a real vintage recipe appliquéd on top of them. Which helps with the problem of misplacing your recipes.


All of Nancy's items are handmade out of her big stash of vintage fabrics. She loves nothing more
than discovering an estate sale of a former seamstress/packrat and digging through her old sewing supplies. Nancy's studio is her furnace room packed to the high hills with her vintage finds. Check out 
all of Nancy's stuff you can be "green" and styling all at the same time!


Nancy's items are very nicely made and not of poor quality. She has a nice selection of items that she makes for you to choose from. She makes belts, potholders, pillows, tote, wristlets and scarves. Nancy takes pride in the stuff that she makes and it shows in her craftmanship.


  1. I like the Vintage Awning Bag!

    caskidmore2003 at yahoo dot com

  2. like the pot holders!!! i can never find good quality pot holders, and recipe makes them so cute!