Saturday, August 6, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **The Peanut Shell**

The Peanut Shell Spotlight Review

"Having a baby doesn't change your spirit. It's our mission and life's passion to make sure the following minutes, days, months, and years you share with your child will be the most

exhilarating, rewarding, and yes, stylish moments ever."


The Peanut Shell was born out of a necessity to offer a stylish alternative to typical baby gear found in the market. The Peanut Shell wants you to be able to provide the best care for your child and go about your busy life while maintaining your sense of style and attitude. Their vision brought them to evolve a simple, age old concept of 'wearing your child' into a fresh perspective--from there,
The Peanut Shell was born.

What They Belive In:
Fashion above all else...
You didn't abandon your sense of style for motherhood; you carried it with you. And, The Peanut Shell is right by your side with chic product designs for carrying and nurturing your peanut. Call us confident, but we know how to pick our fabrics and patterns. We aim to set trends in fashion rather than follow them. Fashion is our passion, so it is a joy to bring you the most innovative, creative and chic prints and designs available.

Sensibility without a doubt...
As a parent, you have adjusted so much in your life. The Peanut Shell's goal is to adjust to you rather than add something else to your already overflowing plate. We create smart, quality products that are made to fit you and adjust to your growing baby's needs. Our objective is to make your life on the go as effortless as possible through functional, clever design.

Charisma that goes a long way...
You don't leave anything on the table and neither do we. The Peanut Shell believes in incorporating its unique perspective into its product designs. We believe our products uniquely express our fun loving, spirited and compassionate attitudes and we are proud to bring these qualities to you.

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