Monday, August 15, 2011

Willvin Diaper Bag Review & Giveaway

Are you like most moms and no longer are addicted to purses but instead diaper bags? Are you one who has several bags and each have there own priority when leaving the house? Like the sitters bag, the traveling bag, the quick trip to the store bag? What if you didn't all these bags would you feel like something was missing? What if you only needed one bag for all your needs because it was spacious and roomy enough to hold all you need would you be interested? I was the mom who had 3-4 different diaper bags that all served in my everyday life with different purposes. I now only have 2 diaper bags
that I use and the one hardly ever leaves the house; it's my sitter bag and anyone who knows me it's a battle for me to leave Sweet Pea anywhere for longer then an hour. I was so excited when I got offered the chance to review a Willvin (of Sweden) diaper bag.

Willvin diaper bags are the design of Petra, a mother of two young boys. She had tried at least 10 different diaper bags and though there were things she liked about them all there was also something that typically wasn't just right on them. Since she was unable to find exactly what she needed and wanted in the diaper bags that were currently on the market Petra decided to take matters into her own hands and the  Willvin diaper bag was born. I received the Willvin Magnificent in leatherette beige to review.

The bag is made from a very durable tough polyester which looks like leather and resembles real leather to the point that people don't know that it is not. :-) I am in love with the color and design of this bag. Jake does not mind carrying this bag at all because it is so neutral and the color is one that can be carried all year. One thing that I am always looking for in a diaper bag is it's functionality. Since I have three children I need to carry more then just diapers and wipes with me. I love all the pockets that this
bag has and especially the bottom compartment.

As most of you know we are now a Fluff Butt household!! But how many diaper bags out there are made adequately enough to hold more then one or two cloth diapers? Not Many At All... Which sucks for our Fluffy Moms. I am able to fit 6-8 cloth diapers depending on if I have pockets or pre-folds in the bottom compartment of my Willvin diaper bag! I also use the front pockets to carry a change or two of clothing for Sweet Pea. There are two mesh side pockets that I typically use for Bubba and Pumpkins
drink cups.

The inside of the bag is large enough to hold everything I need for daily errands and overnighters. The large inside compartment typically holds my wipe case, changing pad, nursing wrap, wet bag, toys and my camera. There are also small compartments inside there where I keep my diaper rash stick, hand sanitizer, sunblock and any other necessities a mom may need with her.

If you are like most moms having your diaper bag in the basket of your stroller does you no good because it's hard to access. But with some diaper bags hanging them on the stroller is not helpful either because the shoulder straps are so long they end up rubbing on the strollers wheels getting them dirty. :-( I had never had a diaper bag before with stroller straps and I can absolutely say I love the Willvin integrated stroller slips. You just pull them out from the inside of the diaper bag wrap them around your stroller handle and clip. The bag is then held at the perfect height and is not in your way.

This is a bag that can be used for years to come I'd say from birth - adult easily. This bag can function in so many was other then a diaper bag as well like carry on bag for airplanes, laptop carrying case, book bag etc... Make sure you stop by Willvin's website to see all there great bags, colors and materials.

By the way you'll want to check back in a week for a awesome chance to win one of these awesome bags!!!


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