Friday, September 30, 2011

Greeting Card Universe Review & Giveaway

Are you dreading the upcoming Holiday season and having to go out and get greeting cards? Do you hate having to go to the store every time you need a greeting card for something? Do you have a hard time trying to find just the right card then you find one but don't wanna pay the outrageous price for it? Then you should head on over to Greeting Card Universe where you can do all your greeting card shopping from the comfort of your home.

Do you like to personalize your cards with pictures and your own phrases? Well they have a great selection that allows you to do just that. They have cards for just about anything you can possibly think of. I got two cards for my wonderful husband and had them shipped directly to the house addressed to him from me. To bad he hates mail and didn't even notice that he had two cards until I said something.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the cards when we got them. When I think of buying a greeting card online I am expecting a cheaply made card to come. That is not what we got at all. The cards we received were made of a nice heavy card stock and the colors were beautiful and vibrant. I loved that I could personalize the cards that I ordered even the one that already had text to begin with.

With the holidays coming up your gonna wanna get a jump start on getting your Christmas cards ready. Why not stop by Greeting Card Universe and order some today or even created your own personalized Christmas cards with a family picture or pet picture...

Greeting Card Universe has been gracious enough to offer 5 free greeting cards of choice to one lucky reader of Andersons Angels!!!

Exederm Review & Giveaway

Do you or someone you know have very sensitive skin? How about eczema or dermatitis? Did you know that about 1 out of every 10 kids will develop eczema. Typically, symptoms appear within the first few months of life, and almost always before a child turns 5. But the good news is that more than half of the kids who get eczema today will be over it by the time they're teenagers. Kids who get eczema often have family members with hay fever, asthma, or other allergies. Some experts think these kids may be genetically predisposed to get eczema, which means characteristics have been passed on from parents through genes that make a child more likely to get it.
Not many of you know but I have asthma and Pumpkin has eczema. He is the only one out of the three kids to get it, but they all have my sensitive skin. I have always tried to use natural and fragrance free soaps on them so their skin wouldn't get irritated. I use to be super careful even with laundry detergent because I would break out from one kind, Bubba would break out from another so we were limited now I just wash everything in the same detergent as my cloth diapers.

I would like to now introduce you to a great product "Exederm". I tried the exederm baby wash on myself and the kiddos. I was very happy with it... I like that though it is soap free you still get clean and it does not dry out your skin. Exederm doesn't think a child's sensitive skin needs bubbles or foam - It's just not worth the irritation. That's why exederm baby eczema bath wash avoids SLS along with other unnecessary chemical additives such as harsh paraben type preservatives - why take risks?

NO Fragrances
NO Color or Dyes
NO Parabens
NO Lanolin
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Formaldehyde
NO Phthalates


Awarded the National Eczema Association
'Seal of Acceptance' in March 2009
I really liked this product a lot the only thing is I wish it came in a head to toe formula. Only because shampoo can cause the flare up of eczema and sensitive skin. I like being able to use just one item on the kids and not have a ton of bottles sitting around the tub. Make sure you stop by Exederms website and check out all their great products and get some to try as well. Or you can take the chance to win a bottle of one of their great products here at Andersons Angels...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool Gear Review & Giveaway

Are you trying to find a way to eat healthier?? Is trying to find a good salad hard to do without paying a fortune at the restaurants? Well then I may having something to help you out. Lately my wonderful husband has been trying to lose weight and in doing so has been watching what he eats. He made the comment to me that he'd like to take salads to work but hated messing with taking several containers with him to do so.

Well after he stated this I went on the hunt for a good product that I thought he could use to take salads in his lunch. Well I found the perfect thing over at Cool Gear. Cool Gear International is known for its innovative, fun and trendy products that speak to the needs of today's creative culture. They love color, art, and design which they passionately translate into their products!So with further ado let me
introduce you to the Stayfit Deluxe Salad Kit.

The Stayfit Deluxe Salad Kit has made Jake like taking salads to work the only problem we have been running into lately is him forgetting a fork. Luckily his work has a cafeteria. But as you can see there are a couple parts to this salad kit. This salad kit contains a Non-toxic freezer gel in veggie tray, separate dressing container and a domed container with locking lid. It is also BPA Free. Jake keeps telling me we need to invest in another one so he doesn't have to constantly keep washing this one.

Jake and I love how you can keep everything separate up until you are ready to eat. The veggie tray being froze helps to reduce the need of ice packs in your lunch bag as well so more room for other healthy snacks. I like how the dressing up sits snuggle in the center of the veggie tray keeping it nice and cool as well. Make sure you go and visit Cool Gear's website to see all the different and awesome products they make. I guarantee you will fall in love with more then just one and their products will make awesome gifts. Or I have a chance for you to win a Stayfit Deluxe Salad Kit just like the one I reviewed. Review & Giveaway

Are you ready for the sound of the doorbell and hearing that famous phrase "Trick or Treat"? I know I am never ready for Halloween not sure why though... I've always been the one who waited till the last minute to buy costumes as well and always ran into the problem of slim pickings... Well not this year; this year I am on top of my game and all three kiddos have awesome costumes. Thanks to who has a huge selection of costumes for the whole family. Best part you can shop from them at home and not worry about standing in line and not having your size.

One thing the boys have really been getting into lately is video games and well I'm not a big fan of the newer games... Well one game that has been around since I was a kid and is still a favorite today is none other then Mario & Luigi. So may I present for the first time on this blog Mario played by Pumpkin and Luigi played by Bubba...

Bubba and Pumpkin were super excited when I told them that they got to be Mario & Luigi for Halloween. Pumpkin wanted to be Luigi and Bubba wanted to be Mario but I though it would be fun to match them to the character and well since Bubba is tall and skinny and loves green he got Luigi. Pumpkin is short and stout and loves red so he got Mario. I have to say the thing they love most about the costumes is their mustaches.

My husband and I really like these costumes they are made of a heavy material and have enough room for the boys to get in and out of them with clothing on as well. Which is needed while trick or treating in Ohio because its usually chilly. The only thing I dislike about the costumes is the mustaches can not be used more then once without adding some type of adhesive. So for the pictures we just used a little tape so the boys would have them for Halloween.

Are you still looking for that perfect Halloween costume?? Well your in luck has been gracious enough to donate a $35.00 Gift Certificate to one lucky reader of Andersons Angels.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mexican Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Welcome to another week of Delicious Dish Tuesday... This week I am sharing my Mexican Chicken Lasagna with you...This was a hit with my family... I hope you enjoy it as much as we did... Also make sure you stop by the host's pages to see the great recipes they are showing and their favorite picks from last weeks recipes submitted Amanda of Coping with Frugality and Alesha of Full Time Mama...  

This recipe is something that I came up with one evening when I was tired of the same old boring thing every night for dinner. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Costume SuperCenter Review

So Halloween is just around the corner are your little getting excited about what to be this year? Do you hate having to take your kids to the local store just to find the selection to be poor and what you want not in stock? Then go and check out the Costume SuperCenter. I had a hard time deciding which costume to get while browsing there selection and then deciding which child I was gonna pick a costume for. They had such a great variety of costumes to choose from that I ended up getting the help of my good friend Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household to help me pick. Well we narrowed it down to two and then decided to go with the Pink Elephant...

I must say that I love this costume. It is very soft and fits Sweet Pea well even with jeans on underneath it. I like that it is not all one piece either. The ears and trunk are separate. You just put them on like a hat and it Velcros under the chin. I love that the feet are enclosed so no worrying about Sweet Peas little tootsies get cold while out trick or treating with her brothers.

I was pleasantly surprised that Sweet Pea was not trying to pull the trunk off while she was wearing it. The only thing that I dislike about the costume is that is not diaper friendly. You have to take the whole body off to change a diaper.( Ok so I went back and to check the size on the costume because someone asked...and noticed that the costume is diaper friendly there are snaps on the inside of the legs... I was thinking of my boys costumes... I guess when I hit my head on the dryer tonight it did a toll on me...)  The costume is perfect especially for the chilly Ohio halloweens!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Country Bob's Update and Giveaway ***Closed***

It wasn't that long ago that I introduced you to Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and I am excited to be able to give you a update on our thoughts of it and bring you a surprise as well.

Well one thing that hasn't changed is Jake's love for grilling and helping me with the cooking which I am not complaining about one bit.  :-)  Well I can tell you that we are still loving Country Bob's and finding new things to cook with it. I have added it to my meatloaf and yummy... We have also been using with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and of course steaks.  :-) This product is really a great additive to your grilling and cooking as well. I really recommend you try adding Country Bob's to your cooking I guarantee you won't be disappointed that you did.

Now for that Surprise... Country Bob's is giving away 2 bottles of their All Purpose Sauce to 2 of my lucky followers!!! How awesome is that trust me it is awesome because you will fall in love with this product once you try it!!

What: 2 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce for 2 Winners
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Mandatory Entry:
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I was not paid to give this review or giveaway. The review item was sent to me free of charge. All opinions are mine. I
try to be honest when giving a review.  Giveaway items will be mailed to winner by Country Bob's!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ben's Outlet Review & Giveaway

I know I spend a lot of time on my computer between blogging and just socializing on facebook. I love to do both especially since it is one way for me to keep in touch with family and friends that are out of state. One thing that I didn't own was a web cam. Though my hubby thinks he needs to own every type of electronic that is out there we had never invested in a web cam...surprising i That's why I was super excited when Ben's Outlet sent me one to review.

As of right now it's only use has been to entertain Jake and the boys. They are always using it to be silly and do pictures. Little do Bubba and Pumpkin know that it will be their main source to see their Grandma here pretty soon. My mom had lived in Florida for over 18 years and moved back to Ohio after I had Pumpkin. Well 4 years of snow and complaining a ton she has decided to go back to Florida in the winter and then come back to Ohio in late spring. Though she will be flying back for Christmas and Sweet Pea's birthday she will not be here all the time like the boys are use too. But atleast now we can use the web cam for them to see her and talk with her much easier then running up the phone bill.

I am also looking forward to using the web cam for upcoming product reviews. I am thinking about maybe doing some cooking demostrations using the camera. One thing I love to do is cook and bake so why not share my love with you guys as well along with tricks and tips...

So what is the cool new web cam that I am talking about??
Well let me introduce you to the Creative Live Optia 1.3 MP Webcam.

Features Include:
  • Turn your PC into a video phone, make multi-party video calls, stream photo and video to web enabled devices
  • Video capture at up to 800 x 600 resolution
  • Records 30fps using 640x480 resolution for smooth video
  • 1.3MP (1280x960 software enhanced) still image capture
  • Compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and other video services
  • No driver required, plug & play USB video class compliant webcam
  • Live! View technology optimizes camera settings
  • VGA sensor
  • Manual focus ring
  • High quality precision glass lens (F/2.4, f=2.8mm)
  • Multi-axis 270 degree swivel and automatic image flip
  • Smart face-tracking for one or multiple persons
  • Deactivate camera by twisting down for privacy
  • Included hands free stereo headset
  • Secure spring clip for attachment to screens, rubber padded base for setting on flat surfaces
  • Software suite included with Creative Live! Cam Suite! and Muvee autoProducer
  • USB 2.0 interface (USB 1.1 compatible)
  • Windows XP and up compatible
So are you currently in need of a way to be able chat with family and friends that are not right around the corner? Then make sure you go and check out the Webcam's that Ben's Outlet has to offer. If your not in need of a Webcam but some other type of electronics make sure you stop Ben's Outlet first they have everything that your looking for and awesome prices plus the best part FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!!
Why not get a jump on your Holiday shopping by buying some awesome gifts from Ben's Outlet. Not ready to start your Holiday shopping yet well how about winning a Creative Live Optia 1.3 MP Webcam for yourself or a loved one??

Zooper Waltz Review

So as a mom of three I'm constantly on the go... I swear I'm even on the go in my sleep or at least it seems like it. We have several strollers around and they all seem like a royal pain in the butt to use. One is hard to open because you have to push a button while twisting the handle at the same time took me and the hubby 20 minutes and a phone call to open it for the first time... Another that is nice and easy to open but has no lock to keep it closed so not good for storing and was heavy for me to lift. Then we have our sit in and stand which is nice depending on where we are going and what we are doing. So what we were needing was a good single stroller that was easy to open, folded up and locked for easy storage and wasn't heavy because I have a bad back and can't lift to much.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeking sponsors for upcoming blog review/giveaway events

I'm excited to announce that we'll be participating in 2 giveaway events for November! That means were looking for awesome sponsors like you! If you have a product that you think would be a great fit and perfect to feature here at Andersons Angels, please contact me at  I'd love to discuss a review and giveaway opportunity with you, providing an awesome amount of product exposure due to our event, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

We're seeking sponsors for the following events:

25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz - November 1-25I'm doing a Pamper Mommy theme Giveaway with a prize packages worth at least $25! Anything that has to do with pampering or spoiling mommies is welcome!

Made with Love - November 8-13I'm doing a Dress-Up theme Giveaway with prize packages for Boys & Girls worth at least $25! Everything has to be hand made for this Giveaway!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seems like Forever

Seems like it has been forever since I have posted a just because post on here. Well lots has been going on where to even start?? The kids have started back to school Bubba is in first grade and Pumpkin is in Pre-K three days a week. It is nice having some Momma and Sweet Pea time which allows me to get errands and cleaning done a lot easier. We now have another member in our household; my brother in laws fiance now lives with us and we are trying to help her finish High School.

Bubba and Pumpkin entered stuff in one of the local fairs here and walked away quite a few ribbons.
Bubba got a Blue Ribbon for his vase he made at school, A Ferris wheel he made out of Tinker Toys and his Gem Mining Collection. He also got several Green Participant Ribbons for his Drawings and Paintings.
Pumpkin got a Blue Ribbon for his Gladioli, Green Beans and a Red Second Place ribbon for his Matchbox Cars set. He also got several Green Participant Ribbons for his Drawings and Paintings. So Proud of my boys. Dennis also won a coloring contest at our County's Fair for 4-H and got invited to a opening ceremony at the fair and was presented with a gift bag and had his picture on the cover of the 4-H Horse Clubs Program. So very proud of my little guys. I was unable to attend the ceremony with Bubba because my back went out and I ended up with a horrible kidney infection the day before the ceremony. :-( I was not happy and had to make a trip to the hospital to get a couple of shots in the bum so I was unable to walk very well for a few days.

I am still fighting the kidney infection because the bacteria in my system only can be taken care of with a few medications and since I am nursing Sweet Pea they can only give me a few that take longer to work. I feel like its never gonna go away...

Oh and pets how I love my pets EXCEPT one... This new cat is about to find her way outside or a new home!! I have never seen a cat eat like she does. She always is hunger and going after any food she can; which I know is typically a sign of worms but we have had her de-wormed or so we thought. She tore into a whole bag of hot dog buns today and ate them and then turned around and tore into my loaf of bread. Needless to say FREE CAT please come and get her before she ends up outside...

End of story I need a Getaway to be able to recoup and recover....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln - Book - Review

I was given the chance to review a really cool book titled "My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln". This is a story set back in 1820, about a strong friendship began between Sam Harding and Abe Lincoln, based on their love of learning and of the outdoors. I am always looking for new books that I can read with my kids and encourage them to use their imaginations. I love that this book also ties some American History in it while telling the story. Review

" Whether you’re looking for top Irish quality brands or handmade crafts and jewelry from local artisans, here at, we bring you the best of Irish giftware and an online Irish shopping experience which is second to none."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sea Squirts/Opa Cove - Life Jacket Review

Opa Coves mission is "To enhance family life and create products that foster family interaction, children's safety and fun." This mission is something that they take very seriously! To them nothing is more important than a child's well-being. But most of the current water safety products out on the market are boring and uncomortable for kids. How the company came up with the name Opa Cove I think is awesome! The word "Opa" us what ancient Greek Mariners yelled when they were having a good time. And "Cove" is because the best place to swim is in a sheltered cove. So good times and safe harbor.

Bugs CD Review & Giveaway

My kids love music especially music that has a good beat to it. I love when were in the car and the kids are singing along to the music and dancing in their seats. The only problem is when having the radio on there are a lot of songs I don't want them listening too. If your like me you are running into this same problem with listening to music with your children in the car. That's why I am happy to be able to bring you another awesome children's CD. This time instead of a flash back to the disco era with your kids you get lost in your imagination with Bugs in some crazy scenarios.