Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln - Book - Review

I was given the chance to review a really cool book titled "My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln". This is a story set back in 1820, about a strong friendship began between Sam Harding and Abe Lincoln, based on their love of learning and of the outdoors. I am always looking for new books that I can read with my kids and encourage them to use their imaginations. I love that this book also ties some American History in it while telling the story.

The story is the diary of the fictional Sam Harding, born in 1810 near Little Pigeon Creek, Indiana. Soon, an eleven-year old boy named Abe Lincoln, moves into town from Kentucky. As Sam tells us, they “instantly became best friends.” The two boys share a love for the outdoors and adventure. Sam has to move away from his home and the two friends must part. Later, Sam is surprised to find out that his best friend has just been elected the sixteenth president of the United States. Based on historical data, this story creates a realistic and entertaining view of growing up in America in the early 1800s.

My boys and I really enjoyed reading this story together. I can see a lot of my boys in this story, which is why I think they enjoyed the story so much. I love that it is a fun and colorful way to help make learning about history fun. Most stories fictional and non-fiction that typically deal with history are boring and dual; and do not catch my interest and if I'm not interested to can bet my kids will be bored as well. That is not the case with "My Best Friend- Abe Lincoln" at all it is captivating and colorful.

 About the Author:
Bloch works for the H&R Block Foundation and lives in Mission Hills, Kansas with his four sons and wife. His passions are art history and American history. His interest in Lincoln seems to be in his blood. His great-great-grandfather, Jonas Wollman, was part of a movement to get Lincoln to visit Leavenworth, Kansas. Which is the town where Lincoln delivered his first campaign speech in December 1859. The author seems to be just as playful as the tone of his story and the beautiful illustrations. My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln: A Tale of Two Boys from Indiana is a story that will entertain young history lovers, and their families.

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