Saturday, October 1, 2011

GoGreen Giveaway Event Preview

Can you believe that it is October already time for leaves to start changing colors and the cool weather to settle in. But the best part to it being October is that it is now time for the awesome GoGreen Giveaway to start. This looks to be a super fun event.  There are approximately 50 blogs participating that will all be linked together and all have green-natural-organic family friendly prize packs.  Each prize pack is required to have a minimum value of $25…. I have put together an awesome Fluff package for all of you. I will be posting the reviews this week and some throughout the giveaway as well as stuff finishes coming in.

My Theme: Fluff for Mom & the Wee One
value: $95.95

Sponsor:  Dippee Dypees
Giveaway Item: 1 Highrise Diaper and 2 sets of Bamboo Breast Pads
Value: $23
Review: 1 Highrise and 1 set of Bamoboo Breast Pads

Sponsor:  Monkey Toe Diapers
Giveaway Item: 1 Diaper
Value: $16
Review: 1 Diaper

Giveaway Item: 2 Diapers
Value: $25
Review: 1 Diaper

Sponsor:  KnickerNappies
Giveaway Item: 1 Diaper
Value: $16.95
Review: 1 Diaper

Sponsor:  Diaper Mama
Giveaway Item: 1 Diaper
Value: $15/$18
Review: 1 Diaper

So are you excited yet for this great prize package?? Well make sure you come back throughout the
week for ways to earn extra enteries into the giveaway!!
Be sure to come back and enter all the GoGreen giveaways October 5th – 11th.