Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sorry I'm Behind

I must start off by saying if your waiting on a review I'm sorry but I have fallen behind. The past few months has been one big headache and it's carrying into this month. We have had our electric shut off without warning, latch on my truck window break almost causing the window to fall off, basement flood again, Bubba's Rabbit died, Pumpkins teachers dad pass, hubby had to have an emergency colonoscopy, my dad had to have three biopsies and they believe he has cancer in this thyroid, Pumpkin is dealing with ear infections and they believe that they are affecting his hearing so were at the doctors getting them checked frequently now. We also are looking into getting Bubba tested for ADD so I am constantly on the run and at the doctors with someone. The lord is putting me through many tests and I'm trying to keep my head up and not fall into a depression. I am trying to stay strong for my family while getting all my reviews done as well. So please bear with me and your stuff will be done as soon as I can.

1 comment:

  1. You are a very strong momma! Keep going strong and take care of your family first...the blog and us readers will still be here waiting for you when things calm down :o)