Monday, November 21, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Savvy Rest

So lately with all the health issues that are arising in my family I am trying to find ways to help make my family healthier and that includes using more greener products. That's why I got excited when I found Savvy Rest, the company that gives us healthy alternatives to the traditional bedding that is on the current market.  Savvy Rest offers only the finest organic mattresses, organic mattress toppers, sheets, mattress pads, and pillows.  By making their mattresses from natural latex rubber, certified organic wool and certified organic cotton you know what you are sleeping on and can rest assured it is healthy.  

Savvy Rest has a wonderful commitment to each of there customers: 
  • Purity: there materials are natural, nontoxic, certified and independently tested
  • Comfort: every Savvy Rest organic mattress is customized for the customer
  • Integrity: they treat customers with honesty and respect
  • Value: Savvy Rest will long outlast a conventional store bought mattress

 I got the privelage to review Savvy Rest's Contour Pillow. I chose this pillow because I am one who needs typically two pillows to sleep. I liked the shaped of the contour pillow and thought that it might help me cut back on using so many pillows at night. This pillow is a soft dunlop molded shape that has a higher rounded edge along its length for extra neck stability. The lower edge allows you to change positions easily when needed and the center hollow gently cradles your head. The only problem I encountered with this pillow was it had a strong smell of latex at first, but as time passes the smell seems to be fading away.

This has become a favorite pillow of mine very quickly and i'd love to try there other Oragnic Pillows. I'd also like to try some of there other products like the mattress topper. I love a nice soft bed and I think adding a topper to our mattress would accomplish this for me. Make sure you stop by their website and check out all there great products and maybe purchase some for Christmas they'd make great gifts!!

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    1. Thanks for the info, I'll have to check them out! Ever since I was pregnant with my daughter a few years ago, I've been much more conscious of the ingredients in the things we use every day... you don't realize how many chemicals and toxins are in even an innocent-looking air-freshener plugin!