Monday, January 30, 2012

ABE Sponsor Spotlight: Dree's Natural Cleaner

As you have noticed I am getting into more Natural stuff including cleaning supplies. What if I told you I found a cleaner that you can use on your kitchen counters, hands and baby's bottom? You are probably thinking Trista you have fallen off your rocker and hit your head right...

Well I am happy to say that I have not fallen off my rocker or at least I don't remember doing it. But I am lacking sleep thanks to a weekend filled with sick children. Bubba woke up Thursday morning fevering and had a sore throat took him to the doctor to find he had strep. Pumpkin started coughing and complaining of his ears hurting took him to statcare last night and he has a Upper Repository Infection as well as an ear infection. So what am I doing to keep me, my husband and Sweet Pea from getting all these yucky germs?

I have been spraying down all my door knobs, light switches and anything else the boys touch a lot with Dree's Natural Cleaner. I have quickly fallen in love with this cleaner. I love how versatile it is. I can use it on Sweet Pea's bottom as a wipe solution but also use it as a disinfected on my door knobs. (It is cloth diaper safe!!)

More great ways you can use this cleaner:

In the car- clean cd's, seats, dashboards, windows, carpet, sunglasses, hands, laundry pre-treat on your clothes you dropped your togo order on!

Diaper bag- clean hands after a diaper change, spray on babies bottom for messy clean ups! Spray grocery carts before putting your baby in the seat.
In the kitchen- well outside of cleaning your entire kitchen, you can also use the cleaner to clean your fruits and veggies!

In the bathroom- well outside of cleaning your entire bathroom, you can also spray a little cleaner on tissue to use as a " wet wipe"!

If you are too tired to clean your face one evening, no prob, just spray a cotton ball with cleaner and clean away.
I mean with all the great ways you can use this cleaner why would you not want to stock up on it? I know that once mine is gone I will be ordering more from Dree! I love being able to de-germ my house and not worry that I am creating super bugs by constantly using anti-bacterial products with alcohol in them. Dree's cleaners are made with Purified water, natural soap, vitamin E, and your choice of any 100% pure oil blend. Make sure you stop by Dree's website and get some of this great cleaner today!!


  1. I love that you can choose your oil blend when you order. nothing like getting the smell you want with a great product.

  2. That's cool that you can use it on so many things! Thanks for sharing. :)