Monday, February 6, 2012

All4Love Sponsor Spotlight: Corkcicle

One thing that my hubby and I enjoy doing on occasions is enjoying a nice bottle of wine. We are very lucky to also have several great local wineries around us too. One thing that always bothered me with the wine was one we opened it there was no easy way to keep it at a nice temperature. If we put it in a ice bucket it would get way to cold and if we left it just sit out it would get warm and we wouldn't want to drink it.

Well thanks to Corkcicle too cold or warm wine is no longer a problem in our house! This is one of the best thought up ideas I have seen in a long time! The corkcicle looks like a large icicle that is placed in your wine to keep it at the perfect temperature.

My husband have fallen in love with this product and also shared it with my in-laws who are also big fans of wine. This is a must have item if you like to drink wine. It also would make a great wedding or anniversary gift!! This would be great to take with you in the summer if you would want to surprise your honey with a romantic picnic or even just a romantic dinner.

Make sure you stop by their website and order yours today!! This is a must have for any wine lover...


  1. That is such a wonderful idea! My mom likes taking wine to the beach, but it gets so warm quickly. This would be the perfect gift for her. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea! Wish I had thought of it :).

  3. Oh i def need one of those! I love wine :)

  4. This sounds very cool! I've never heard of it before. We love wine, so this would be great to have!