Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dog Gone Jerky Review & Giveaway

I know that I love a good snack here and there and so do Daisy and Diego. I mean why shouldn't they get yummy snacks too after all they are part of this family as well. Well I am happy to introduce to you a company that makes yummy snacks for our four legged friends. Dog Gone Jerky was started in 2010 and has been making all natural dog treats in the USA with the USDA's approved meats and are made in a human manufacturing facility not massed produced using machines.

 The attention to detail that they have put into their products differentiates Dog Gone Jerky from the other pet treats that are currently on the market for the following reasons:

* Made in the USA!
* Dog Gone Jerky uses the same quality meats that you would feed yourself
* USDA Inspected &Approved
* Made in a Human Manufacturing Plant (not a pet food manufacturing plant)
* Made with USDA Human Grade Meat
* Only 2 Ingredients: 100% REAL Meat with only less than 1% sea salt
* No By-Products
* No Artificial flavors or colors
* Grain Free
* No Sugar
* No Wheat
* All Natural

Daisy was one very happy pooch when she received her box of goodies from Dog Gone Jerky. Diego on the other hand was a typical cat and could care less that treats came for him goofy cat. We received 3 packages of Dog Gone Jerky and 1 package of there Jerky for cats.

Daisy was a very pleased and happy pooch with all her treats. She is such a good dog and loves almost any treats you give her. Bubba was working with her for his 4-H project using the Dog Gone Jerky. He was using the Jerky as a reward when she would do what he asked of her like sitting and staying. Diego on the other hand decided he was gonna be a snobby cat he wouldn't have anything to do with the treats.

I really liked these treats for Daisy and would get them again for sure. I am very happy that they are made in the USA and made in a human facility not massed produced in a factory. I also like the fact the company uses the same quality meats to make the treats that we would use to feed our families. just because they are pets does not mean they should be fed poor quality food or treats.

Make sure you stop by their website and get some treats for your family pet today!! I am sure they will thank you for the special treats... Or you could try to win some of these treats for your families pet here!! Yep you read that right Dog Gone Jerky has been gracious enough to offer one lucky reader of Andersons Angels Blog the same treats that Daisy and Diego got to review.

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  1. My dog would love the chicken breast dog jerky.
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  2. I think my dogs would like the 100% Pure Beef.

  3. Hand carved chicken jerky I know our little Pom would love
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  4. Hand Carved CHICKEN BREAST Jerky.

  5. Wow, these sound awesome. That's cool that they make it for cats too!

  6. My dogs would love the Chicken Breast Jerky

  7. I think my lab wouldn't care and my bichons might like the chicken but they might like both the same. Not sure. Rita Spratlen

  8. My St. Bernard likes everything, meat, vegetables and fruit. I would probably get the chicken.

  9. These treats look great! I'd get my dogs the beef jerky

  10. chicken breast dog jerky

  11. Our dogs arent picky at all but I think I would choose the chicken breast for them.

  12. My dogs would eat any of them. But I'd choose chicken breast!

  13. My dog would like the Hand Carved Chicken Breast Jerky.

  14. chicken breast jerky

  15. Wow... they like just about any of them... but maybe something with chicken? :)

  16. Max would love the beef jerky but also noticed they have Cattitude Jerky!

  17. The chicken breast jerky.

  18. Hand Carved Chicken Breast Jerky