Thursday, May 31, 2012

Celebrating Dad Giveaway: Grill Lovers Dream

Celebrating Dad

We celebrated mom and now its time to Celebrate all the great days out there!! Two awesome blogs have come together to bring you this event and they are Coping With Frugality and Full Time Mama. I have lined up a Grill Lovers Dream Package for this event!! You will want to make sure that you visit the sponsor spotlights I did as well to earn some extra entries and to find a great discount from one of the sponsors!!! There are 30+ blogs participating in this event so make sure to visit them and enter all the great giveaways!! You can find the list of the other blogs at the bottom of this post on the linky...

Sponsor Spotlight: Mr Bar-B-Q

Does that certain guy in your life like to grill or maybe it's you who loves to do the grilling for your family. Well at house Jake does the grilling and I do the cooking. With that said I feel it is only fair that he has the correct tools needed to grill properly; just like I have all the correct tools inside the house to cook properly with. Well he did not have the correct tools until recently thanks to Mr. Bar-B-Q allowing him to review one of the awesome tool sets!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Babu'

With the Fluffy Butt Giveaway Event right around the corner I wanted to start highlighting my awesome sponsors for this event!!

Have you ever heard of Baby Babu? Neither had I until I received a email from this new cloth diapering company. Although they are new you shouldn't rule them out right away. They were nice enough to send me a pocket diaper to review with Sweet Pea.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wordless Wenesday: Hot Air Ballons

Sponsor Spotlight: Shower Treat Soap LLC

With the Fluffy Butt Giveaway Event right around the corner I wanted to start highlighting my awesome sponsors for this event!!

One thing I love is my cloth diaper stash and I am very picky when it comes to it as well. I have only used one type of detergent on them since Sweet Pea was born. But when I got the chance to review a bag of Shower Treat Soaps Stink Pot laundry soap I jumped at the chance. I mean we all need to see what works best for our families so sometimes we have to quit being plain Jane and go for an adventure. Right?

Natural House Moppy Review

I recently received the opportunity to review another one of Natural House's great products. This time I got to try out Moppy. Moppy is Natural House's floor cleaner and scrubber. It is a water-soluble packet filled with powerful, plant derived scrubbing agents that cut through the dirt and grime. It is safe to use on almost any surface which is great because I have tile and hardwood flooring throughout my house. And I am so glad to tell you that it worked great on both types of surfaces!

Bob The Builder DVD Giveaway

Bob and his Can-Do Crew are making waves and having fun in five new, sea-themed adventures in construction in Bob the Builder™: Adventures by the Sea, sailing onto DVD, Digital Download and On Demand May 22, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. From facing fears, correcting mistakes, doing good work and always getting the job done, Bob’s the man and when you’re on his team, life’s a beach!

Bob the Builder and his machine team "sea" lots of new ways to work together to get jobs done in and around Fixham Harbor in these five exciting stories. Scoop must make a creative seaside rescue to get the lighthouse lens shining again! Scratch realizes that admitting mistakes is the best way to be cool; the team comes to the rescue when Muck’s sandcastle compromises their big job. Scrambler shows that the key to bravery is admitting your fears. Bob and the Can-Do Crew get the job done and find success by the sea with sand, water, sun and friends!

Episodes include:
-“Scoop’s Sea Rescue”
-“Pineapple Scratch”
-“Muck’s Beach Tower ”
-“Here Comes Muck”
-“Scrambler Gets Clean”

DVD Bonus Features:
-“Digger with a Heart of Gold” Music Video
-“Mixin’ It Up” Music Video

Buy It: You can purchase Bob the Builder: Adventures By the Sea for 8.93
Win It: HIT Entertainment has offered one lucky reader a copy of Bob the Builder: Adventures by the Sea on DVD! Giveaway Rules can be found HERE!
Open to US only. This giveaway is brought to you by HIT Entertainment and Real Mom Reviews. Andersons Angels is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Make Someone Smile with Flowers

What is the best way to make someone smile? How about a big beautiful bouquet of flowers? Not only will the recipient be smiling but I am sure whoever sent them will smile to knowing they made the person happy. With the Internet around it has made ordering flowers even easier and with just a few clicks you can have flowers on their way anywhere in the world! There are many great websites to check out if you want to brighten someone’s day and fresh flowers from Interflora are a dead cert to make someone smile!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Grill Charms

With Father's Day just around the corner have you started thinking about what to get Dad, Hubby or Grandad for their special day? Well I know you will love everything I have set up for the Celebrating Dads Giveaway going on from June 1-10th. So you will want to make sure that you come back because you will NOT want to miss this event!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diva Cup Review & Giveaway

*This post will be talking about a woman's menstrual cycle so if you are uncomfortable reading about the subject then I would not read this post.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fort Rapids Review & Giveaway

Recently we had the opportunity to take our kids on a mini-vacation to Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark in Columbus, Ohio. I am not sure who was more excited about the trip Jake and I or the kids. We decided to pick Bubba up early from school and head down to the Resort and start our weekend early. When we first arrived to the Resort I walked right in and check-in was quick. Had we waited though to check-in we would of got stuck in the crowd at check-in. They could of moved the crowd quicker had they had 3 people working check-in instead of just 2. While down there we had a dinner date with Ashley from "and the little ones too blog" and her family. It's was so nice to put a face with a name other than just a picture online.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Kansas City Steak Company

With Father's Day around the corner I decided to join a Father's Day Event called "Celebrating Dad" with a few of my blogging friends. Since Jake (my hubby) is like most guys and loves to grill I figured I would try and put together a Grill Package for the event. So I am sure you can guess how excited he has been to get all this great grilling gear. I must say that he was speechless when I told him that The Kansas City Steak Company had agreed to let him review steaks for the event.

Start Planning Your Summer

With summer right around the corner it's time to start planning what your family will be doing this year. One thing I have always wanted to do was go on a cruise and especially one with my kids. There are so many different trips to choose from it seems so hard to pick which would be best for my family. I mean how do you choose which cruise trip would be the best fit for everyone in your family? 

What if you don't have a family but are planning a romantic honeymoon for you and your soon to be wife. Wouldn't a romantic cruise be a great idea? I know as a woman I would have loved to go on a cruise for my honeymoon. If you thinking about a cruise you should make sure you check out the Mediterranean cruise deals so you can get the best deal possible. Maybe you are planning a nice cruise trip for your anniversary as a surprise. Well no matter what the occasion may be you will want to make sure you get the best deal possible.  Because don’t forget the money saved on booking your trip is more money you have to spend while on the trip.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wordless Wenesday: Honeybees

The Mommy Hook Review & Giveaway

One thing that I have never been a big fan of was putting bags under a stroller because it just made it difficult to get things out of them then. I mean you'd decide that you need something out of your purse or diaper and then would have to play the feeling game to find it. I am not a fan of the feeling game at all which I am sure most people are not. With that said i'd like to introduce you to the The Mommy Hook.

Monday, May 21, 2012

FuzziBunz Featured Cloth Mama

I am super excited to say that I am the Monday Mama on FuzziBunz's Blog today... Would you like to check out the article you can by following this link... Make sure you stop by there blog every Monday to see the many Mama's that will be featured!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Onya Baby Carrier

One thing that I did not do much with the boys was wear them. I have a bad back and the idea of carrying around extra weight did not seem like a good idea. But what I didn't realize was I was still carrying them around on my hip which was even worse for my back. But as I am sure you have noticed from other post I have gotten smarter with each child. I have discovered that I love wearing my babies now and it is so much easier on my back as well.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


With summer right around the corner and the kids getting ready to get out of school it's time to start planning your family holidays. What will you be doing this year going to the beach, camping, disney or staying local? We try to take our kids to the beach every other year and this year is a beach year for us. We have recently started having my in-laws go with us as well so it's an extended family vacation for us. This year we are doing a two for one trip not only are we going to the beach but we will be camping on the beach as well. The kids are very excited about this trip and we hear almost everyday do we go to Myrtle Beach today?

I think I am just as excited because I have never been camping in my life. Yes you read that right I have never been camping. My in-laws take the boys camping each year but wanted to start the tradition of camping at beach this year to help save money. So I would love to hear what my awesome followers have planned for this summer. Also what will you be doing to help save money while your on your family holidays?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Harlem Globetrotters Summer Clinics

For the first time, the Harlem Globetrotters are conducting summer skills clinics to bring boys and girls ages 6-14 behind the curtain to see the Globetrotters’ electrifying skills and tricks, while also having fun staying active.

Each participant receives:A free ticket voucher (valued up to  $40) to see the Globetrotters during their 2013 World Tour Autographs and photos with the stars! 3-day trial pass to 24 Hour Fitness

Clinic Locations:(These are just the clinics - the games for your tickets are in 200 cities)

Phoenix      Houston    San Francisco      New Jersey
Denver        Dallas        Los Angeles         Seattle
St Louis       Miami       Las Vegas
Save $10 on registration! Enter the  Coupon Code USFAMILY on the cart page after completing your registration or mention the code when calling  1-800-641-HOOP (4667)
Click Here:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Today is Cinco De Mayo will you be celebrating? Though we have no Spanish descents we will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo with our family. This morning we got up and took the kids to the zoo hoping there would be something going on for Cinco De Mayo but there wasn't. That is OK because we had perfect weather and really enjoyed the walk around the zoo looking at the animals. Later we will be making Taco Burgers and having Chips and Queso for dinner.

How do you celebrate Cinco De Mayo with your family? Will you got out for a Mexican dinner or cook Mexican food at home? I would love to hear what you have planned or did today to celebrate...

Friday, May 4, 2012

LIfe and Changes

Life can take you down many paths, that is what writes our life stories. I have taken some paths that I am happy about and others that I wish I hadn't taken. Well no matter which path it was I have learned something from it and I carry that knowledge with me each day. Well with that said I have decided to try a new path in my life and I am hoping that it is one that will be greatly beneficial for my family. As most of you know I have been trying to switch my family over to more "Natural" products for the health of my family. My husband and I recently came across Melaleuca and have decided to give it a try. I am now signed up to start selling Melaleuca and would love to share this company with my awesome followers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Was A Featured Blogger!!!

I am super excited to say that I have been featured as a Supahstah on The Mother Of Pearl It Is blog this past Saturday. I was very excited to receive this great privilege and honored as well. So if you would like to learn a little more about then head on over and check out the post....
"It’s Supahstah Saturday: Meet Trista from Anderson’s Angels"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Angels Review and Giveaway!

I am very happy to have received the privilege of introducing the new animated video series- Little Angels to you. Little Angels is brought to you from executive producer- Roma Downing(Touched by and Angel) and writer Phil Lollar (Adventures in Odyssey). This series was created for preschoolers to teach not only ABC and 123's, but also moral lessons and biblical principals. Pumpkin (4 years) and Sweet Pea (14 months) both enjoy the music and colorful characters in this series. Some children older than preschoolers may enjoy the videos as well I know that Bubba (7 years) did enjoy watching the videos and liked the characters.

Green Your Mom Event

Green Your Mom

It's time for another great giveaway this time were Celebrating Mom with the "Green Your Mom Giveaway Hop", hosted by Happy Mothering, Eco-Crazy Mom and Simple City Life. All of the participating blogs have a prize package worth at least $20 that will help you Green Your Mom for Mother's Day. After you enter my giveaway, make sure you visit all of the other fabulous blogs listed on the linky below. I have lined up some great sponsors for you for this event.