Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natural House Moppy Review

I recently received the opportunity to review another one of Natural House's great products. This time I got to try out Moppy. Moppy is Natural House's floor cleaner and scrubber. It is a water-soluble packet filled with powerful, plant derived scrubbing agents that cut through the dirt and grime. It is safe to use on almost any surface which is great because I have tile and hardwood flooring throughout my house. And I am so glad to tell you that it worked great on both types of surfaces!

Not only did Moppy cut through dirt and grime on my floors it also has active ingredients that stay behind and keep working to maintain a surface that is germ and odor free! Which is very important to me since Sweet Pea is now walking all over the house. It also does not leave no dulling residue behind which is a plus when you have hardwood floors.

Not only does it help get your floors back to being sparkly and new looking. Moppy is also a great buy, one bag will last you 30 days!  And at only $4.99 a pack it is incredibly affordable as well. It is also non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and biodegradable if you are looking for more natural and earth friendly products to use in your home.

I would recommend this product to my family and friends!
You can purchase your own bag of Moppy today by clicking here!


  1. I would live to try this on my floors, I have a few other natural house products that I love, but I haven't tried this yet!

  2. i LOVE that it works on both surfaces! i'd love to try it on my floors!