Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Onya Baby Carrier

One thing that I did not do much with the boys was wear them. I have a bad back and the idea of carrying around extra weight did not seem like a good idea. But what I didn't realize was I was still carrying them around on my hip which was even worse for my back. But as I am sure you have noticed from other post I have gotten smarter with each child. I have discovered that I love wearing my babies now and it is so much easier on my back as well.

Sweet Pea and I recently used the Onya Carrier on a trip to one of our local flea markets to pick up some goodies for dinner. It was so nice to be able not to have to try and push a stroller around through the crowd of people. It was also super nice that my hands were still free at all times to get into my purse for money and to carry my bags. I got so many compliments on the carrier while walking around. It was a chilly day so Sweet Pea just stayed cuddled up inside against me. Every so often she would stick her hand out and wave at people if I stopped and talked to someone.

There are 3 different awesome ways that you can use your Onya Carrier on your front, back and on a chair. Check out these videos to see the great ways to use this one carrier. This carrier is a must have if you are a baby wearing momma or want to be one. It is super easy to use and not heavy to wear either. I like that my husband and I can both easily wear this carrier and be comfortable wearing it as well.


  1. How were the straps on this? I have problems with carriers digging in to my shoulders, especially after a longer period of wearing child.

    Also, did you have to readjust the carrier often?

  2. The straps are nice and wide and padded so they did not dig into my shoulders, and I have never readjusted it after getting to fit me. Because it has the fastners there isnt a need to constantly keep readjusting the carrier.

  3. So wonderful. I wish I'd had the opportunity to have worn mine when they were little.