Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SodaStream Jet Review

I have seen several reviews on Sodastream in the past, but was a bit skeptical of it. So I was super excited when they agreed to send me the Jet model for a review. My kit included: Jet model Sodastream, 2 x 1 L bottles, 1 carbonate bottle, a box of 12 different soda mixes, 9 full size soda mixes, 1 Sodamix Taste Sampler & a trial 3-pack of MyWater flavor bottles. So needless to say it has taken us awhile to get through all of the flavors that they sent me. 

If you haven't heard about Sodastream it’s this awesome way for you to make your own soda at home and a lot cheaper then what you pay for soda in the stores. To make things even better, these sodas don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, but instead pure cane sugar - Splenda for the diet drinks, which means that they are better for you than normal soda. Anyone who knows me knows that one thing I am big on is finding things that are better/healthier for my family.

I couldn't believe how easy and quick it was to make our own soda. To make a bottle up: You just fill the 1 L bottle with water up to the water line. Then you screw the water bottle to the “soda maker” and you push the button on top until you hear a loud buzzing 3 times. Depending on how bubbly you like your soda and how much you like the taste of soda water you may want to push the button more or less times. We personally found that the taste seemed to be a bit better when we stopped the "soda maker' after 2 buzzes - though that meant less bubbly. After that's done you tilt the bottle & slowly pour the measured amount of your choice of syrup into it – also make sure you do this slowly and at an angle otherwise you may get a surprise. Then make sure you replace the cap and gently shake the mixture up.

The 1st bottle we tried to make was Diet Lemon-Lime. The boys wanted to make the Lemon-Lime soda because it was like Sprite their favorite. It took us a few tries to get the taste to just how we liked it. While trying to find the right combination for the Lemon-Lime we tried out the other flavors. We were really surprised with the diet root beer and lemon-lime drinks as we knew what they normally tasted like & these were actually tasted good. Plus they didn’t leave that icky after taste like most diet soda’s do because it does not contain acetate or acetone. 

We also tried the Fountain Mist which is comparable to Mountain Dew and we were pleasantly surprised with it. The cola and orange were both enjoyable, tasting super close to the real thing. We also got to try the Ginger Ale and while it wasn't a favorite we thought it was still pleasant tasting. 

So our overall thoughts on the SodaStream is we love it!! It will defiantly be going with us on camping trips to help save money as well!!

If you are interested in buying your own Sodastream, or trying out some of the flavors that I reviewed just click here to order yours or to find a store near you that carries this great product.


  1. I was just at my friends last weekend and she made me some Italian Sodas with her Soda Stream. It was SO yummy!!

  2. this sounds really cool! i'd love to try this

  3. This would be fun for entertaining at home! Especially for those of us non-drinkers.

  4. I really want to try soda from one of these, I would be leary to spend $ on one before trying it!

  5. We dont usually drink soda but occasionally we like a glass but soda is just so expensive anymore. We have been looking into getting a soda stream just havent taken the plunge yet. Thanks for the great review.

  6. The Sodastream looks and sounds so impressive. I'm always mesmerized when I see the commercials on tv. Such a great concept.
    Tracy A.J.