Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Visit From Fairy Hobmother

Oh how exciting!!

While out making his rounds recently the Fairy Hobmother stopped by my blog!!
I have been hoping he would stop by sometime soon!!

I was so excited that I forgot to offer him a snack while visiting...

But he didn’t seem to mind because he still left me a awesome gift and
He’s not finished yet!
If you are a blogger, then leave me a comment below and maybe he will visit you too! Be sure to leave your email or a link to your blog so he can contact you if he stops by!


  1. What a nice treat! I hope he will visit me soon!

  2. what a nice surprise.. the Fairy Hobmother seems to be everywhere.

  3. I agree, He's quite the guy!

  4. What an awesome surprise! Hope the Fairy Hobmother can swing by my place soon. I hear great things about him!

  5. I was recently visited by the Fairy Hobmother, too! Of course he is welcome to come back at anytime :).