Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Energy Efficient Updates

With so many different updates you can easily do to help the value of your home what about ones to help save you money? There are many easy updates that you can do to your home to help you save money and one is by installing energy efficient appliances. We have started to do this in our home and have seen some savings with our utilities and I love to save money so that makes me happy. When the energy efficient appliances first started coming out I was weary on their claims of helping you save money, but now that I have seen them help us save I am all for them.

One big update we will be doing is purchasing energy efficient windows for our home. The current windows we have are very old and drafty which causes our heating bill to be very high in the winter. Because instead of keeping all the cold air out they are letting in the house. There have been times in the winter that there was ice on the inside of our windows. So yes we can not wait to be able to put our new energy efficient ones in our home.  Not only will replacing all the old drafty windows with new energy efficient ones help us cut our heating bill down but also keep us nice and warm.

As most of you know I am very much into doing stuff that is better for the environment and my family and saving energy and money is great for both! Have you tried any of the energy efficient appliances in your homes if so have you seen any savings come from them? 


  1. Using energy efficient products definitely helps out with the cost of electricity bills! Great post! I would love to have energy efficient windows.

  2. When we buy a house, I'd love to get a fixer-upper, because I prefer old house, but I'm DEFINITELY with you on the energy efficient windoews.

  3. Bets thing for energy efficiency in the home is to use as much Natural Light as possible! Korniche Roof Lanterns are perfect https://rooftraders.co.uk/roof-lanterns