Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fit Moms For Life Review & Giveaway

I guarantee most of us Mom's out here, had NO IDEA how busy and exhausting Motherhood could and would be on us. Until one day we put on those shoes and began the busy and exhausting journey called Motherhood.

The only problem is that once those shoes were on us, many of us lost our will to maintain physical fitness in our daily hectic and stressful lives. The longer we allow the stretch to become the more difficult and challenging it becomes for us to find the time and energy to spend on ourselves to make help make a positive change physically. Which in the long run will create a healthier and happier you.

I was given the great opportunity to review an awesome Mom Book that I feel EVERY Mom out there should have because we all can learn from it.

It is called....
Fit Moms for Life
By: Dustin Maher
Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids

This is an amazing and easy to read book that chronicles the successes of 31 mothers who used Dustin’s fitness and weight loss program with great successes. 

I found this book to be so motivating as the 31 mothers, are just like you and I. How perfect, you are reading about real Mom's and their success stories and with photos! Yes photos and amazing photos at that; that will help you get started on your personal fitness journey for yourself and your family!
Dustin covers the five pillars of fitness in this book: Mindset, Nutrition, Strength Training, Burst Training, and Environment.
Leading you to the end and best goal - Staying Fit for Life.

Fit Moms for Life is perfect for Mothers and women in general who want a good fitness program that works and is structured toward them.

Dustin Maher says:
• Traditional Cardio Doesn’t Lose Fat
• You Can’t Work Out to Compensate for Poor Eating
• See Results 9 Times Faster With Burst Training
• Learn 1 Exercise That Shrinks a Waistline WITHOUT diet changes
• Burn Fat While You Sleep
• A Healthy Environment Equals A More Fit Family

Dustin’s inspiration to help moms has came from his nurturing upbringing and continued close relationship with mom. Dustin has helped thousands of women get in amazing shape all over the US and the world!

Dustin is also hosting his own Fit Moms for Life talk
radio show. To learn more, please checkout Dustin’s website at www.DustinMaherFit.

Enter for your chance to win your own copy of this book below.

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  1. Energy? What's this 'energy' you speak of?!? Haha... I totally need this book!

  2. I'd like to have this book for my mom

    Moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  3. I'd love to win this book for me! :) And for my family.. they'd love a more energetic mommy!

  4. I would love this for me

    theresa j

  5. I would love to have this book to help continue the journey I've started to becoming fit!

  6. I would love this book as I am just back in the gym after my last child, the third one. Realizing I need more help than I thought I did!

  7. Just finishing my 2nd 5k on the 4th, I would love to reward myself with this book.

  8. I would love to have this book, because I have 4 children and believe me....... I could use some energy!!

  9. i would love this for for my wonderful daughter in law

  10. I need this book so bad. 40 yrs old, very slow.metabolism and a very busy life with 3 kids, 2 of which are below the age of 5 yrs. And a hubby who works all the tike. So I am the everything and do it all here at home. I need to be fit, for me..

  11. I would like this book for me.

    Delamere at embarqmail dot com

  12. I'd like to have this book for myself. I'm very much into fitness and this would be a great addition to my fitness library.