Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Down To Earth Toys

Another great sponsor for the Made In America Event is Down To Earth Toys and I must say that I loved working with them. I mean what could be better then knowing the toys you are giving to your children are safe and made in the USA. I was lucky enough to get to review the Balsa Flying Machine and the Tunnel Town.

My boys were so excited when the box came from Down To Earth Toys. They both love airplanes and have wanted an ant farm for awhile. I made them wait to put the Balsa Flying Machine together until they were with their Papa because he is good at that sort of stuff. I was very surprised at the size of the plane once it was all put together. It was larger then the planes similar to it sold in stores by use.

We loved how easy the Balsa Flying Machine was to assemble and how well it flew in the air. We love how it was one of the many toys made in USA that Down to Earth Toys offers. The Balsa Wood Machine is rubber band powered and really does very well with flying and going a good distance. It has a 17 in wingspan which is larger then the typical Balsa planes you buy in the stores.

The boys also got the Tunnel Town for review and I was very happy with it as well because it is one of there wooden toys that is exceptionally made. I have never been big on the idea of having a ant farm because I was afraid the ants would get loose in my house. But with the Tunnel Town I am not as worried because it seems to made much better then the plastics ones sold in the stores. Not only can you use it for ants but also worms and grubs. The Tunnel Town can be easily cleaned out as well something you can't do with other ant viewers, and then used again and again! Which is awesome because I know my kids love to watch theses things.  I loved that The Tunnel Town came with two mail-in certificates for ants, eye dropper, tweezers, and ant facts. To help you easily get your ant farm up and running.

Make sure you stop by Down To Earth Toys and check out all their natural toys today!! 


  1. The tunnel town looks awesome!

  2. That plane is the perfect gift for my nephew's birthday! Thank you for introducing me to what seems to be a great company!! And I love that they are made in America!

  3. I love the Balsa wood plane. I think my son would LOVE It and best yet... Its MADE IN AMERICA!

  4. I remember having a lot of fun with balsa airplanes when we were little! How fun!

  5. That plane looks like a lot of fun, and sturdy too! They have a lot of great toys, I love all of their wooden toys!

  6. My boys would love that plane!! That would be perfect for summer around here! Love that these products are made in America!