Friday, September 14, 2012

Fitness Friday: Week 1

Fitness Friday
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Danielle from We Have It All and I are teaming up to encourage each other in becoming healthier and we are hoping you will join us!

Every Friday, Danielle and I are going to post an update which will include things like diet changes, weight loss, inches lost and activity goals along with the failures or achievements of our past week. We plan on posting a photo so we can see our progress. Hopefully for me, this means losing enough weight to fit into back into my pants that I wore before having Sweet Pea… and hopefully a more fit and healthy body over all.


Each Fitness Friday post will include a linky. Anyone who wants to get healthy with us can write a post and link up, that way we can all stop by your blog and show you some love and encouragement. If you are not a blogger, we would love for you to post these things in our comment section below our post and we will still show you the same love and encouragement!

The rules are simple!

Just grab our button and put it in your Fitness Friday post or on your sidebar and add your link to our linky! Post however much or however little you’d like. If you are not comfortable posting your weight, then don’t. If you’d like to share a photo – great! Either way, we hope that this encouragement helps us all to become more healthy. Visit as many as you can in the linky below and show them encouragement!

I will try my best to post on Thursday nights and the linky will be open for the whole week

Week 1

HI! This is me… I do not like how big my stomach and thighs are. I really hate that people keep coming up to me and asking when I am due and I'm not pregnant. I can NOT wait to lose my belly! 

  • Current Weight: 136 lbs. I started around 120 before I got pregnant and went up to 150 (I think)… so I lost a tad bit. But I’d like to get back down to around 125. I use to wear a comfortable size 6 in pants and now I am going into a size 10.  I was comfortable in a size 6. I’d love to get back down to that size! I am not doing this to really lose the weight I am wanting to tone up more and get my body back in shape and healthy.
  • Activity Performed during the week, accomplishments or failures: I did absolutely nothing this week. I’ve been sick, from lack of sleep so I have been laying around feeling miserable. Hopefully this week I will start doing crunches and running with my hubby and kids. My hubby is also wanting to lose weight and get fit as well.  

  • Diet Changes, accomplishments or failures: I do not diet, but I do like to change things about my diet. So far I have cut down on the pop I drink and also switched to caffeine free pop for while at home. I also plan on trying to drink more water. Another thing I plan on doing this week is not eating after 8pm. Hope I can do it because I always seem to get the munchies around 9-10pm! I have also started to try to find ways to make my meals healthier by cutting down on the fats and sodium intake.

  • Goals for the following week:

    • Weight – I’d love to be 134  but any amount of weight that I lose will make me very happy!
    • Activity – If I could run once over the weekend and at least 3 times per week, I will be happy with myself. I’d also like to do crunches every single day.
    • Diet – I’d like to cut down on the pop… only 1 per day or less. And more water. No eating past 8pm… not sure if I can do that one or not.

      Please join us, the more we have participating, the easier it will be to keep going and reach our goals! Be sure to visit as many as you can in the linky… and encourage one another.

We can do this!


  1. The eating at night is going to be hard for me because I like to put the little one's to bed and finally sit down to relax... with so me munchies haha. I'm thinking by cutting night eating out - it will make a big difference right away, what do you think? Oh and the pop. I did have my 1 pop today at about 7 am. That is going to be so hard! Do you drink a lot of pop? I do. Oh and I bet being a little more active will help you sleep better. It does me. I can't wait til next week to see how we did :)

  2. Danielle I use to drink pop all day long but since I have went to 1 caffiene a day and the rest caffiene free I have noticed that I don't drink as much of it. But I do have to say that the caffiene free taste just like the normal no funny after taste like diet... and I am the same way about laying the kids down and finally relaxing and having some me munchies...

  3. That's a good idea, I will try the caffeine free.

  4. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    I began to try and eat better about 2 months ago. I decided not to use the word "diet". I have become more aware of how healthy I am eating by reading labels. It seems to be working, I lost 13 pounds :)