Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Mathews Inc Review

I was lucky enough to get some really great sponsors for "The Hunters Giveaway". The first sponsor I am gonna introduce you to is Mathews Inc.


Mathews Inc. is a very trusted brand when it comes to your bow hunting needs. A little history on the Mathews company: "In 1992, Matt McPherson invented single cam technology and revolutionized the archery industry. Since then, Mathews Inc. has unleashed a fast and furious stream of innovations that have brought the modern compound bow to where it is today. In addition, Mathews' pioneered and patented technologies continue to improve bow performance as well as set new industry standards year after year."
If you are searching for the most advanced, efficient, accurate and  powerful bows on the market, then look no further than Mathews! With so many innovative and exciting breakthroughs in bow technology to its credit, it’s no secret why archers and bow hunters around the world trust the proven performance of a Mathews.
mathews hat bow hunting

My husband was sent a hat and decal for review. This hat quickly became his favorite and he wears it everywhere!! This hat is very well constructed and seems very durable. It is made from Lost Camo material so a Hunter could easily wear it while out hunting. The material is soft and flexible so it easily will fit anyones head if its adjusted correctly.
If you would like to win a one of these hats along with 2 Mathews Decals make sure you stop by the Hunters Giveaway and also the Hunters Grand Prize Giveaway...


  1. I always have a hard time fitting my guys head with a hat, they never are flexible enough. Is this particular hat adjustable? or is it a O.S.F.M?

  2. Love this hat. Hubby pretty much collects them, so I'll definitely be entering!!

  3. Amy it doesn have a strap on the back to adjust it, but it is labeld one size. I hope this helps

  4. Thanks! Helped so much! I am going to look at that for a Christmas gift!:D

  5. He looks rather happy with his hat! I'll have to look into this company and get something for my dad for Christmas!! He loves hat like that and other hunting stuff!

  6. Well he sure looks happy!!!! Question has he caught a deer? That will be the real test!!!
    kathleen quinlan

  7. My boys are both big time hat wearers! I know they'd both love this one. My oldest especially since he wants to get into hunting!

  8. my brother would love this thanks!

    - Stephanie J