Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditons...

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and everyone posting what they are thankful for everywhere it got me thinking about Thanksgiving Traditions. My family does not really have any set traditions, but I have been trying to start some with my kids. The past few years I have been the one cooking the turkey for my family. So with me doing that it gives me a chance to start some traditions with my children.

One thing all the kids did to help with Thanksgiving when I was growing up make the desserts or help with them. So I have started that as a tradition with my own children. I love baking as much as I do cooking and my children have showed that same love. Bubba is oldest to help the most and loves it when he gets to help with anything in the kitchen.
I love to let the kids make their Thanksgiving placemats for the Thanksgiving dinner. I will be posting about how to help your children make their own Thanksgiving placemats very soon. The kids really enjoy making their placements and using them on Thanksgiving.
What are some Thanksgiving Traditions that your family has? I would love to hear about them... 


  1. We don't really have any specific traditions, other than eating together at my MIL's house with ALL of the HUGE family.

    I, however, make a minimum of 8 dutch apple pies for everyone- that's my tradition.

    When I was a kid it was a tradition to make the sweet potatoes, once I was old enough I helped and they were SOOO good. No one likes them in the family now (besides me) so I don't make them. :/

  2. I remember as a child getting to tear about the bread for our stuffing. I felt like I was really helping big time. That sticks in my mind as that was one big thing I did.

  3. we go over to my grandparents and have pancakes etc i love it

    - Stephanie J

  4. Our traditions just include all helping to cook - peeling potatoes, baking, etc.

    Then we each say what we're thankful for at dinnertime :)

  5. My kids love to help with Thanksgiving dinner too.. especially the desserts. When the kiddos were small, they loved making placemats and decorations for the holidays.