Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year Comes Changes

As some of you may remember my husband and I have been trying to conceive our fourth child and are having no luck. We tried several different products last year and saw no results.  So I am so excited that it's only the beginning of the year and I am teamed up with a great company that is trying to help Jake and I.

We have changed our eating and drinking habits in hopes that it would help our journey to conceive as well. We have went to a organic/natural diet and been slowly cutting soda out of our diet. Jake has done really well with the stopping of drinking soda me not so well but I am trying. I know this journey is not a easy one for anyone to go through. So I am hoping that my faith in God and the support of my friends and family we will get through it and get it our precious little bundle of joy. 

I am looking forward to telling you about our journey over the next several months and I am hoping that one of my posts will be a "I'm Expecting" post. So any tips, suggestions and prayers you would like to share with us or for us would be much appreciated. 


  1. Good luck! I know everything will work out the way it is supposed to but the waiting game has got to be driving you crazy. I think the new company will really help and a natural and organic diet is so great for you no matter what :)

  2. I have no suggestions for trying to conceive. Everyone is different and every journey to conception is different. I WILL be praying for you though! Lots and lots of prayers :)... and a little bit of pregnancy dust. I cannot wait to hear all that this new year brings to you and your family.

  3. Good luck! I'm positive that this will be your year, and I can't wait to read about your journey!

  4. Yay! Good luck! I hope we get to read your I'm Expecting post soon too! :)