Saturday, January 5, 2013

PishPoshBaby Lay-N-Go Review

I am super excited to announce that I am part of the PishPoshBaby Blogger Program! They have so many great products and I am very excited to get the chance to review them! By doing so I will let you know why they are a great place to find products for the little ones in your life.

The first product from them that I get to talk to you about is the Lay-N-Go. This is a really great idea! It’s a pouch that you can lay out flat, stick toys in, and pull up tight. Makes cleaning up toys go a lot faster for everyone!

We got the Lay-N-Go Lite in blue to review; it’s 18's inch diameter. Bubba and Pumpkin got a ton of toys for Christmas that came with a bunch of little parts. I do not think there are many toys made anymore that do not come with a ton of extra little parts. It’s hard enough keeping all the kid’s toys picked up and put in their places, let alone when they come with a bunch of small pieces. Not only do I want the boys to keep them picked up, they don’t want to lose any of them to Mom's sweeper. This Lay-N-Go is the perfect solution! They can keep all the parts and pieces on this mat and clean up super quick when done. 

When they are done they can just pull on the cord, push the toggle down tight and their all done! There is also a nice little pocket on both the inside and the outside for things that you want to keep separate or easy accessibility.

If you’ve got a little ones in your house then you are bound to have a bunch of toys lying around. Keep them from getting scattered about by geting the Lay-N-Go Lite in 18 inches or the Lay-N-Go Mat in 5 foot. You can find them both on the PishPoshBaby's Website.

Keep checking back for more awesome PishPoshBaby items coming soon!


  1. We have a pink Lay-n-Go and it is perfect for keeping all those little pieces together. I'd like to get a second one so both of my big girls could have one. Such a great idea.

  2. I would love something like this for Gracie's little princesses.

  3. I have a different brand like this and it's really handy. It would work super great for younger kids. My son doesn't like to play in one area so it's okay for him.

    Does make cleaning much faster!

  4. I would like something like this for my son's legos. I think it would make transporting them and cleaning them so much easier. He is just entering the lego stage and I am terrified of stepping on those things! THEY HURT!

  5. Wonderful!! I am glad you are part of this. I can hear how happy you are in your words. Congratulations!
    Rita Spratlen