Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Lamaze Maternity Intimates

One thing that I had found after three pregnancies was my underwear did not fit the same while pregnant. I had purchased some maternity underwear while I was pregnant with Bubba but that was almost 9 years ago so yeah they are no longer around. So I was excited when I got to team up with Lamaze Maternity Intimates because I could get me some much needed new ones.

I received a Seamless Comfort Camisole and a 3 pack of panties to review from Lamaze Maternity. I am very happy with the camisole and panties that I received to review. They are both very comfortable to wear which is something that is important to me. I hate wearing under clothing that is not comfortable I do not see the point in wearing something that you are not comfortable in.

I really liked the camisole that I got because it is nice and long. I tend to wear it under my shirts that need just a little extra material to them. I have noticed that a lot of my maternity clothing have seemed too have gotten shorter since the last time I wore them. This camisole helps because it is nice and long which helps keep me covered nicely. This a great must have piece for any expecting mom and it also comes in three colors Black, White and Skin/Tan.

The panties I received to review are also very comfortable which is a major plus because most panties even maternity ones seem to cut into me. These ones are made of cotton spandex which allows them to fit comfortably while pregnant and can be worn after pregnancy as well. These panties are nice because they also minimal lines through your clothing. I know if you are like me you hate pantie lines while wearing a dress or pants. These panties come in 3 great prints and colors which allows you to spruce up you're under clothing.

If you are an expecting mama or know of one I would defiantly recommend checking out Lamaze maternity Intimates for your intimate apparel needs. Not only are there clothes comfortable but very well priced as well!!

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  1. i never had specific maternity panties when i had lil c. But i'm thinking this time around, i may need to get some - nothing normal i wear is comfortable! :D Thank you for sharing about Lamaze maternity. I'll have to check them out

  2. I love cami's and that one looks comfy! I never wore maternity panties, but might think about it next time.

  3. I had maternity underwear with my first girl, but didn't with the rest and I regretted it! It's so much more comfortable. I'm not pg now, but my sister is and would probably love these!