Friday, September 20, 2013

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

Recently on our trip to Florida we got to go and visit Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. I remember going to this zoo as a child and loving it then. It has changed a lot in the 20 years since I have been there but only in a good way. We were hoping that the rain wouldn't hit us while we were there but it did. Which most people would think would cool things off... nope not in Florida. But that's OK the kids loved getting wet and acting silly in the rain.

We love going to our local zoos with the kids so they really liked getting to go to one while on vacation. Lowry Park Zoo was defiantly the biggest zoo the kids have been to. I really like that one price gets you access to everything at the zoo except the pony rides. I know most the zoos by us you have to pay additional costs for the rides like the carousel, touch tanks and roller coaster.

The kids really enjoyed walking around and looking at the different animals and seeing some that are not at the zoo's by us. They really liked that this zoo had several different rides they could go on and pretty much a ride for all ages. Since we went in the off season the zoo was not to overly crowded which was nice because it made it easier for the kids to be able to see everything.

One thing that I loved about this zoo as a kid was their souvenirs which they still have and my kids feel in love with them as well. At all our local zoo's the only souvenir you can get is the smashed penny with an animal and the zoo's name on them. Here at Lowry Park Zoo you can get a plastic animal mold made at several different locations throughout the zoo and they are not badly priced either. All three of the kids got to choose an animal of their choice to make and we ended up with a Sting Ray, Penguin and Tiger. The boys also got a smashed penny made to add to their collection book.  

My favorite part of the whole zoo was the Manatee exhibit. Since I am a Florida was raised there Manatees are one of my favorite animals. There is only one zoo close to us that has manatees and when we go there my hubby knows that we will be spending some time at that exhibit. I really like that at Lowry Park Zoo you can view the manatees from both indoors and outdoors. The boys' favorite part of the zoo was going down Gator Falls with their dad. Sweet Pea loved the carousel as usual and rode it several times while the boys waited for their turn on Gator Falls.

If you are ever visiting Florida and are not too far from Tampa I would highly recommend going and visiting Lowry Park Zoo!


  1. Neat. I love the smashed pennies, but the molds might be neat too. I love zoos, so do the kids! It's always a fun trip!

  2. That zoo looks so cool! Seems like you can get so up close to them! Love that you can do an animal mold! I love zoos that have zoo stores so you can go home with a variety of souvenirs.

  3. Our zoos also charge additional fees for rides and such, so I agree with you when you say it's nice that you get all of those things at the Lowry Park Zoo with your paid admission!
    This looks like a super fun place!

  4. I Love going to the zoo. We love getting smashed pennies -both kids have a collection going. I may have to check Lowry Park Zoo out the next time we go to Florida - it looks like an amazing zoo.

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