Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gortons Wicked Good Seafood and Sweepstakes!

When I think of frozen seafood I instantly think of Gorton's and their all so famous jingle "Trust the Gorton's fishermen..." I have been feeding my family Gorton's seafood for awhile now. My children insist they do not like fish but they love Gorton's fish sticks. When I tell them they are eating fish they will say "well we don't like fish but we do like fish in stick form..." The silly things children say sometimes. 

Now with my growing family of growing appetites and busy weeknights Gorton's gets cooked a lot in our household. I love how quick they cook, how great they taste and that they are a healthy dinner option for my family. Healthy? Yes a healthy option! Gorton's fish sticks are made from 100% Real Fish with No Fillers, No MSG, No artificial colors or flavors and they have natural Omega-3 which are good for your heart.  

You can open my freezer at any given time and you will always see a package of Gorton's fish sticks and occasionally some fillets as well in there. I like to keep them stocked because they are a quick and easy meal to make when I am on a time crunch. I usually serve them with macaroni and cheese and some type of vegetable like corn on the cob. You can always find coupons and recipes on the Gorton's website. 

Right now Gorton's has a awesome sweepstakes up that you will want to enter!! Gorton's Wicked Good Seafood Sweepstakes! You can enter to win a Awesome Family Trip to Boston, MA, for four people including airfare, lodging, activities and spending money!! This trip sounds like a blast and I know that I will be entering! 

Once your done entering the sweepstakes if your feeling lucky then make sure you enter the form below to win a prize package from Gorton's that includes:
3 - $2.00 off product coupons
1 - Gorton's branded ship wheel keychain
an anssortment of Gorton's recipe cards
and beautiful seaside/ Gorton's postcards


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  4. stephanie mcfarlandOctober 3, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    fish sandwich blt sounds great!

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