Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: Week 30

I can't believe that I am 30 weeks only 9 more weeks until I meet this baby!!  Which also means there are 12 weeks and 6 days until Christmas!! I know my Christmas countdown is your favorite part of this whole post right??? LOL

How Far Along -  
30 Weeks Pregnant (30 weeks 0 days) 

Due Date - 
December 12th, 2013 

Scheduled C-Section
December 5th, 2013

Boy or Girl - 
Unknown - this is our surprise baby :-) Though some have said BOY others GIRL but only God knows as of now :-) but with all movement sometimes I still wonder if there isn't two in there...

Bump Picture -  

Baby Development - 
A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds baby, but that volume will shrink as baby gets bigger and takes up more room in the uterus. Baby's eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen; even after baby is born, it'll keep it's eyes closed for a good portion of the day. When baby does open them, it'll respond to changes in light but will only have 20/400 vision - which means it can only make out objects a few inches away from it's face.

Symptoms -  
I have been having a lot of Braxton and Hicks... I am hoping I don't end up on bed rest... 

Current Cravings -  
Haven't really had anything this week.

Currently Avoiding - 
I am still avoiding doughnuts and orange juice both give me a very bad upset stomach. 

Belly Button Status -  
It's sticking out...

Movement -  
Baby is moving a lot now and is very active! The baby sits low and likes to stretch out into my ribs. 

Any Appointments? -  
No appointments this week.

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  1. WHOA! It's getting close! I can't wait to see it! All the babies being born in my FB groups! I feel like a 'FB Nana!" LOL!

  2. I'm hoping you don't have to go on bed rest as well.

  3. You're in the home stretch now!

  4. I love the bump. I cannot believe you are so far along. I will be praying that you avoid bedrest!

  5. WOW! It's almost over! How did this time pass so quick?!? Love your bump, as always you look great :)