Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Seat Pets

Do your kids seem to fall asleep in the car while traveling? Well if so then I would like to tell you about the next exciting item we have in our Holiday Gift Guide! Seat Pets is the new and cute way to help kids sleep while traveling in cars. 

I know that my boys always want to take a pillow with them when we have to travel. So I was super excited when I heard about Seat Pets. Seat Pets makes taking a pillow and stuffed animal with you in the car so much easier especially when space is limited. There are 5 very cute characters to choose from with Seat Pets!

I received the very cute Bentley the Dog for my review for the gift guide. Bubba has been asking for a Seat Pet ever since he seen them on TV. He will be super excited when he opens his on Christmas morning. Since my mom is currently living in Florida we know that we will be traveling there and back several times. I know on our last trip both boys wanted pillows with them in there seats and it got to be a bit much when it came time to get in and out at stops. 

It is so easy to use Seat Pets just simply attach the Seat Pet to the seat belt and your ready to go! I like that the Seat Pet also helps keep the seat belt in one place and no more seat belts rubbing necks and hearing complaining about seat belts bothering the kids. I also like that the Seat Pets combine a pillow and stuffed animal into one!

You can purchase a Seat Pet from their website for only $19.99 plus S&H and it if you buy one you get a discount on any additional ones purchased at the same time!


  1. I love the pillow idea! My kids are always falling asleep, and they look so uncomfortable!

  2. These are adorable. I LOVE Malibu the monkey! A great gift for traveling kids. I'll have to look into these!

  3. Since we got the seat pets the family road trips are nothing but fun and peaceful

  4. I love this idea. I am constantly on the road and the kids are always falling asleep in the car.

  5. My 20 month old is the king of falling asleep in the car. It is a blessing and a curse. I need this!