Thursday, December 12, 2013

BJ’s Wholesale Club – Your One-Stop Shop for the Holidays

Do you ever shop at the local wholesale clubs? I know they have quickly become one of my favorite places to shop and stock up on things like toilet paper, pet food, lunch supplies and much more. I am very lucky that I currently have two fairly close to my house but my favorite out of the two has to be BJ's Wholesale Club.

BJ's is a one-stop shop for many name brand, high-quality food and merchandise items at prices that are significantly lower than your typical stores. You buy in bulk but they sell their bulk in family orientated packing so you don't have to worry about waste or stuff going bad quickly. They are the leading operator of warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States with 200 clubs and 113 gas stations currently in 15 states. They currently have the biggest variety of any other wholesale club with more than 7,000 items. Since BJ's is one of the lowest cost operators in the retail market they are able to pass on these amazing savings to their members in the form of lower prices.

Those low prices get even better because BJ's accepts ALL manufacturers' coupons along with their in- club coupons and YES you can stack them! The coupon savings can get even better because if you are buying a multi-pack of "individual for sale" items where each item has a barcode visible but are shrink wrapped together you can use multiple manufactures coupons along with a BJ's in-club coupon if you have one. Super cool right!!    

As I mentioned earlier I love to shop at BJ's for my families needs and with a growing family buying in bulk really helps me get the most for my money. Since I started shopping there for things more than just staples I have seen my savings start to add up. I would have never thought of BJ's as my one-stop shop for Holiday shopping, but I quickly learned otherwise after my last visit. I knew that I could easily find everything I would need to host a wonderful family get together down to the gifts and even decorations.

I am a huge fan of lovely decorated gifts and BJ's has a wide variety of gift wraps, bows, gift tags and more to cover all your wrapping needs. With having four kids we easily go through a lot of wrapping paper and bows. But like I mention I like my gifts to be decorated nicely and that is where BJ's really came in handy this year with all their beautiful wrapping paper and the 60 piece hand crafted gift tags. 

I am sure you can imagine the wish lists in our home with having four children. But lucky for us Santa knows about BJ's  because they have a lot of this year's hottest toys. We're talking about Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Planes, Jake and The Neverland Pirates and many more.  With having children in a variety of ages you would think it would be hard to find something for everyone at a wholesale club but that is not the case at BJ's. I was easily able to find gifts for all the kids, myself and family members. Like this remote control helicopter that Bubba has been asking for and a beautiful turn table that you can put veggies in and they are so reasonably priced. 

No matter what you are needing for your holiday preparations BJ's will have your holiday needs covered. With one stop you can easily check off your holiday list and avoid running around to a bunch of stores. If you have never been  to BJ's before then I highly suggest printing off this one day shopping pass and give it a shot. 

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