Monday, December 30, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Bamboobies

After nursing Sweet Pea for 15 months I quickly learned that I did not like disposable nursing pads. I had a couple pairs of washable nursing pads but they feel bulky and leave lines showing on my shirts which just makes me feel awkward. So with that said I was super excited to get to try bamboobies out while nursing Angel.

I like the idea of saving money and being able to reuse items like diapers and nursing pads. But not all reusable nursing pads are the same. Some are thick and scratchy while others you can't even tell you have in your bra. Bamboobies are a light, soft can't tell they're there nursing pad. I was sent a pair of Overnight and Regular bamboobies to try and I have quickly become a big fan of this brand. 

I like that I can easily throw the bamboobies in the wash and they are ready to go for when I need them. I like that they have created a regular and overnight version of these nursing pads. If you have ever breastfeed then you know that we seem to lose more milk at night then during the day. I think this is because during the day we notice when we let down and can easily get to a pump or just get baby nursing but during the night baby may sleep through a feeding so we leak more. I am not sure about you but I am not a fan of waking up soaking wet so having the overnight nursing pads are a great thing for me. 

I feel that bamboobies would make a great gift for any new or expecting mama that plans to breastfeed. Bamboobies also has other great products as well like nursing bras, nursing shawls, nipple balm and organic belly & baby butter. So you can easily find everything you need to help with breastfeeding your little one. 

Use the code ANGEL20 for 20% off at checkout!!


  1. I used the disposable kind -but it was also winter, so i was always layered. have no clue if they left any lines showing through my shirts

  2. I'll have to get a couple sets of these for my daughter-in-law. She's preggers with my grandson, and they will be home from the UAE right after he's born.