Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

Do you have a hard time keeping track of times and schedules? I know I do and right after having a baby it seems to just get worse. Trying to remember everything for 4 children can get to be a bit overwhelming and then adding in feedings and diaper changes into the mix it seems like I am always forgetting to do something. Well forgetting a feeding or diaper change is no longer a problem for me thanks to the Pocket Nanny.

I know your thinking how in the world would you forget a feeding or diaper change right. Well with having 4 children running around the house while you are doing chores it becomes super easy to overlook a feeding or diaper change if the little one is sleeping. But now thanks to the pocket nanny I do not have to worry that I will miss a feeding or diaper change throughout my hectic day. There are several wonderful features on the pocket nanny.

Features of the Pocket Nanny:
Soft glow nightlight
Nursing Reminder (left or right side) 
One Touch Timers for:
sleep or awake
and more (medicine if needed)

I think the pocket nanny would make a great gift for any new or expecting mama's. It just helps the tired mom's remember everything they need which isn't always easy when you are sleep deprived. The back clip makes it so easy and convenient to carry the pocket nanny with you, but it also has a flat base so it sits on a stand easily as well.

Make sure you stop by the Itzbeen website to see if the pocket nanny is sold in a store near you or to order one online. The pocket nanny comes in 3 beautiful colors pink, blue or green. 


  1. I remember being in a total fog for a few months after having my son- I can see why this would be super helpful!

  2. I have always wondered if this was worth the purchase! Thanks for your helpful review!

  3. thank you so much for sharing this! I remember always forgetting what side i was on when i had my lil one...