Friday, January 24, 2014

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday
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Welcome to Fitness Friday 2014!
Danielle from "We Have It All" and I have decided to start Fitness Friday up again for the year. Fitness Friday will be a weekly post where we can all write an update on how our week went concerning diet changes, exercise, weight loss or inches lost, our achievements for the week and our failures. It will also include our goals for the following week. We hope that you will join us on this fitness adventure.

Fresh Start!
Since I just had Angel a month ago there is no better time then now to start working on getting my body back in shape. Since I am breastfeeding Angel I can not take any diet supplements which in a sense I think is a great thing, because it makes me have to work a little harder on what I do and how I eat. I know that Jake has also asked me to help him get back into shape and to be his accountability partner. I think one great way to succeed with trying to lose weight or getting into shape is by having a accountability partner to keep you on track. 

This Week!
Activity: I have not started to do to much just yet still other then doing the stairs at home. I like to exercise when Jake and I can do it together. But he hasn't been home much this week due to meetings and activities he helps with at our church.  
Diet: I have been trying to cut the soda down and to drink more water and juice. I have also been trying to once again find more ways to take our normal meals and turn them healthy, natural and organic. I do not have a recipe for you this week.

Next Week's Goals:
Activity: I plan on getting back to actual exercise other then just walking and stairs. I would like to use the elliptical and bike for at least an half an hour each night.
Diet: I would like to keep cutting back on the soda and to keep upping the water and juice. I also am hoping to keep up with having a new healthy recipe for you next week.
Weight: I am not really doing this to lose weight but instead to tone and eat healthier.

Join Us!
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