Friday, April 11, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Apex Digital Pacifier Thermometer

I was provided the below mentioned products for review.

Do you dread taking your babies temperature or maybe you are still using the old fashioned glass thermometers... (Yes people do still use them my mother in law is one of them) If your baby is anything like mine then they hated having their temperature taken and I dislike how upset it makes them.

Now thanks to the Apex Digital Pacifier Thermometer taking Angels' temperature is not a fight. I can easily just give Angel the pacifier and while it soothes her it also takes her temperature. I was impressed with how quickly it read Angels' temp the thermometer will have your reading within 3-5 minutes. It beeps letting you know when it is done with the reading so no guess work. The pacifier has a digital read out so no more guessing where the line on thermometer is actually at. 

I like that this thermometer is water resistant because that means it is easier to keep clean. It also comes with a hard plastic case that covers the nipple part of the pacifier. Which helps keep it clean and allows you to be able to be taken with you. The pacifier is the same size as a typical pacifier and the probe is inside the nipple part of the pacifier. The thermometer also recalls the last temperature taken so no more having to try and remember what it was.

This thermometer would make a great gift for anyone who is expecting a baby or just had a new bundle of joy. If you would like a chance at winning one of these great thermometers then make sure you enter the Springing Into Summer Giveaway


  1. Wow ... That's a great product. I remember how hard it was taking my sons temperature when he was an infant.

  2. Now this is cool. I think I'll pick up one of these for a couple at church that just had a baby. This makes the perfect gift.