Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Everlast CardioBlast Bag

After having four children and deciding that we are done expanding our family my goal has been to get my body back in shape. My wonderful hubby has been a blessing in encouraging me and helping me with my goals. I do not have a lot that I want to do to my body other than getting toned and fit. I have been blessed that even after having four children my body is still in pretty good shape. Jake says that I got my good genes from my mom because she is still in good shape and many people thinks she is my older sister instead of my mom.

I have always wanted to do kick boxing and cardio when working out but never had the stuff to do it. My hubby had a punching bag but it was to heavy for me to use. Now that I have my own Everlast CardioBlast heavy bag I am able to do the cardio and kick boxing exercises. 

The CardioBlast bag combines a lightweight technical outer shell with impact dispersing stuffing for the best in dynamic cardio training. This bag has a longer length of 40" which allows it to accommodate punches, knees and kicks. The premium synthetic leather of this bag is reinforced with webbing along with excellent heavy bag construction provides durability and  functionality. This bag has been designed without sand bags to create a softer feel for cardio and conditioning work.

Having the CardioBlast bag has really helped me in getting more cardio into my daily workout. I would recommend this bag to any lady who is looking to add more cardio into her daily workout. How would you like to win one of these great bags for yourself? If you would then make sure you stop by the Springing Into Summer Giveaway and enter for your chance to win.


  1. Wow this looks like a great bag. I like the stand (from the picture). It looks like it's back out of the way, so you have plenty of room for kicks. You know I think you look great! I've told you before. Good for you for trying to stay toned and fit though! I should have taken better care of myself!

  2. We have this bag and both me and my hubby love it. I also love the stand, it's so convenient!