Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Specialty Chicken at Domino's Pizza

One thing that my family loves is pizza night at our house. Recently we got to try Domino's new Specialty Chicken's. It was my children's first time having Domino's Pizza and chicken. I grew up eating Domino's and always liked them but there aren't too many stores around anymore which makes me sad because it's great pizza and food. 

We got to try all four of the specialty chickens and my family loved them all. Everyone seemed to have a different favorite. Jake loved the Classic Hot Buffalo, Bubbas' favorite was the Sweet BBQ Bacon, Sweet Pea and Pumpkin really liked the Crispy Bacon Tomato and I liked the Spicy-Jalapeno Pineapple. I put my big girl pants on and tried all of them. I usually can't do buffalo or spicy because they upset my stomach but this time my stomach handled them both well.

The specialty chickens are on Domino's mix and match menu. The specialty chickens are boneless pieces of chicken covered with sauce, cheese and toppings. My family came up with some ideas of what they think could be some great additions to the specialty chickens as flavors. The flavors they came up with are Crispy Bacon Ranch, Hawaiian Pineapple and Bacon Carbonara.  

We were very impressed with the service and hospitality we received at the location that made our order as well. They took their time making everything and had everything all ready for Jake when he arrived. They even gave us plates, napkins and packets of seasonings for the pizza. We will defiantly be giving that location our service again because they took the time to treat their customers they would want to be treated and that speaks volumes to me. You can find a local Domino's by you by simply using the Location Finder on their website. 

Have you tried Domino's new Specialty Chicken? If you have tried them which flavor did you try? 
If you haven't tried them which flavor do you think you would enjoy the most?


  1. We haven't had Domino's for years, but I might have to stop by for some of the Crispy Bacon Tomato chicken, it looks delicious!

  2. I haven't had Domino's in so long. I didn't know that they had Specialty Chicken . I may have to suggest checking them out for dinner friday!

  3. Domino's used to be my least favorite pizza. I didn't like their sauce and the ingredients didn't taste as good as other pizzas. BUT in recent years they've made some changes, and now I LOVE their pizza! I haven't had the chicken yet, so I'll have to try that. The Jalapeno Pineapple is totally my thing!!!

  4. I love Dominos pizza and my husband is a huge fan of their BBQ chicken pizza. He will be so excited to hear about the new chicken choices. We'll definitely have to give them a try next time we order. Thanks for sharing!