Monday, August 4, 2014

Go Paperless with Boogie Board

Do you ever get tired of wasting paper? I know I would personally reuse a piece a paper over and over with lists so I knew I wasn't wasting it. But at times that would become very confusing because I would get my lists mixed up. This problem is now a thing of the past for me thanks to my Boogie Board Jot 8.5 eWriter. This handy dandy eWriter helped me successfully put together Pumpkin's 7th birthday party, pack Bubba for Summer Camp, pack both boys for a trip to Disney and do my grocery shopping.

I am not sure that I will ever go back to paper lists now. I am in love with how handy this eWriter is and how easy it is to you use. One of my favorite features of the boogie board is the erase lock feature. I can set the feature on my board so the kids can not erase whatever I have written on it. I also love the built in magnet because it lets the board sit easily in the shopping cart so I can keep my list visible at all times.

The Jot 8.5 eWriter also is made with a scratch free resistant plastic lcd material so I can also let the kids draw and play on the eWriter in the car. This helps keep Sweet Pea entertained in the car on long trips now. She is great at looking out the window but after a while starts to get restless and since she loves to color and draw the eWriter keeps her easily entertained and using her imagination.

I can't wait to use the eWriter with the boys this year while helping with homework. My boys have always been big on saving trees so they were really happy when I showed them the eWriter and explained what it was. I love that my children have a love for being green and trying to save the planet and they realize that some of the littlest things you do can make a big difference. 

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  1. I saw the Boogie Board at a store one time (can't remember the name of it) and thought it was so stinkin' cool! I loved all of the ways it could be used. I'd probably use it so my boys and I could leave each other notes. Maybe by the front door! lol