Friday, September 26, 2014

Fitness Friday: Let's Get This Started (Baked Salisbury Steak)

Fitness Friday
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I know it's been awhile since I have done a Fitness Friday post but I took the summer to spend time outside with my family. So while the weather was nice out I am sure you all did the same got outside and exercised in one form or another. Now that the weather is starting to cool off and we all know what's around the bend I figured now is a good time to start encouraging each other on our goals to a healthier self. I will be teaming up Danielle from "We Have It All" again on this great journey and we hope you will join us as well.

Fresh Start!
This journey for me is not about losing weight instead transforming myself into a healthier person all over. I am still breastfeeding Angel so the nutrition I providing my body I am also providing her little body. I have never been one to really watch what I eat but lately with all the talk about GMO's and stuff that is just not good for us I have really started to watch what I put in my body.

This Week!
Activity: I have not been "exercising" but I have been doing numerous trips up and down the stairs while doing laundry. (Laundry the never ending thing for a family of 6) 
Diet: I have decided to cut out the soda but when I do crave one I get a caffeine free option. I am trying to drink more water and juice. I have also been trying to once again find more ways to take our normal meals and turn them healthy, natural and organic.

Next Week's Goals:
Activity: I hope to be walking, running and keeping up on the stairs (aka Laundry).
Diet: I am hoping to have a new healthy recipe for you next week.
Weight: I am not really doing this to lose weight but instead to tone and eat healthier.

Baked Salisbury Steaks:
1 1/2lbs lean hamburger (93% or Organic meat)
1/2 cup dry Italian Bread Crumbs
1 egg
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp Onion Onion 
1/2 tsp Garlic Garlic
1/2 Tbsp Bacon Bacon
2 packets brown gravy mix

Combine all ingredients except the gravy. Form into 6 oval patties and place in a baking dish. Prepare the gravy as directed on the package and then pour over the steak patties. Bake in a 350*F oven for 1 hour. Serve with fresh steamed veggies.  

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  1. Sounds so good.I will have to try this.

  2. With a side of mashed potatoes, this is something I think my daughter would love!