Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ornaments with Love! Gift Guide Spotlight!

One thing that I am a big fan of is personalized things for my home especially Christmas Ornaments! When I was little my Grandma would make a special Ornament for each of her grandchildren for her tree. Although the ornaments she made was just a colored bulb with our name and birth date on it, it meant a lot to us kids to have one because we knew they were made with love by Grandma. Over the past few years I wanted to start getting personalized ornaments for my families tree and Ornaments with Love is a wonderful place to get them!

At Ornaments with Love you will find such a awesome selection to choose from because they have ornaments from many different suppliers; not just one! They also carry ornaments for literally every occasion you could think of like different professions, pets/animals, grandparents and anything else you can probably think of. I am a big fan of their family ornaments and always have a hard time picking which one I want. Last year I picked out a super cute ornament for our two puppies since they are family as well. 

At Ornaments with Love they know that a personalized ornament will only please a customer if the personalization is done in a professional manner. That is why all of the workers doing the personalization of the ornaments at Ornaments with Love have excellent handwriting that adds to the beauty of the ornaments. It's important to remember when ordering your ornament that the handwriting will most likely not look exactly like it does in the stock photo, but it will be held up to the same standard of excellence. This year I was not pleased with the ornament I received and their customer service was excellent to work with and they got my ornament fixed to my liking. I like when a company takes pride in not only their product but the satisfaction of their customers as well.

I am so happy with our family ornament for this year!  Since we will be spending Christmas this year in Florida I had our ornament made to match. I can't wait to put it up on our Christmas tree! If you are looking for somewhere to find the perfect personalized Christmas ornament for your tree then make sure to check out Ornaments with Love. Plus they also make a great Christmas gift for those hard to buy people on your list because everyone is sure to love a thoughtful gift of a personalized ornament for their tree.

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  1. I love personalized ornaments. that reminds me, I need to make one for Peanut

  2. I would pick:




  3. These ornaments are so cute! I should go order some for my kids!

  4. i would pick http://www.ornamentswithlove.com/ornaments/Baby/B095.html for a baptism

  5. Well, we just came home with our first puppy together today so I'm going with the http://www.ornamentswithlove.com/ornaments/Couple/C343.html A couple with a dog!!

  6. I'd love either this Ballerina: http://www.ornamentswithlove.com/ornaments/Child/SH248.html or this karate girl: http://www.ornamentswithlove.com/ornaments/Sport/SH408.html for dd!