Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free To Be Me: becoming the young woman God created you to be

As a teenager I attended church and was active in the youth group, but the group was a "click" and you were either in or not in. Well I was never welcomed into the "click" and made some bad choices that caused the group to shun me and push me out more. I know now that the choices I made just gave me valuable life lessons that I can pass onto my own children. Do I regret the choices... YES... but because of the choices I have grown closer to the Lord.

Recently I got the chance to review the book "Free to Be Me: becoming the young woman God created you to be". I wish I would have this book to read as a teenage girl because it gives a young girl the tools and insight into living the life the Lord wants her to live. In Free to Be Me Stasi Eldredge tells stories of her own struggles and hopes as she helps young girls recognize God's truth about their beauty and worthiness. 

Young girls learn who God created them to be and the amazing dreams he has for them. Because the more of God's they become, the more their-self's they become! Young girls are on the most important journey they'll ever take! The journey of becoming their-self through the love of God. I am recommending that the youth group girls at any church do this book as a bible study. It is such a great and useful tool that we can equipment our young women with to be the Godly women they were created to be.

I am so thrilled to be able to also giveaway a copy of this great book to one of my readers! To enter simply fill out the form below and Good Luck!! Feel free to share this giveaway with anyone and everyone you know that has young girls...


  1. I would give this book to my oldest daughter.

  2. I would either give it to my niece who just turned 16 or keep it for my daughter for when she is older.

  3. Such a wonderful story! So glad you have found your path.

  4. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours