Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mess Free Litter Cleaning with the Neater Scooper (Giveaway)

If you have a cat then you know how much of a mess doing cat litter can be. I never used to do the cat litter in our house only Jake and Bubba did it. We tried the automatic self cleaning litter box and Diego hated it and refused to use it. So we went back to a normal litter box and Diego and was very happy once again. Everytime Bubba tried to do cat litter we would end with a big mess on the floor from him trying to get the waste into a bag for disposal. That problem is now a thing of the past for our household thanks to the Neater Scooper

The Neater Scooper is a great product to own if you have a cat in your household. The Scooper is a all in one product. It scoops and bags the waste all at the same time so no more making a mess while trying to get the waste from the litter box to the bag. Also if you only have a little bit of waste in the bag and not enough to fill it you can set the Neater Scooper on its back so its lying down and there is a door/flap that will close sealing off the waste so it doesn't fall out. I love the idea of the flap on the scooper because if I am doing laundry and see a tiny bit of waste in the litter box i'll clean it up but don't have to waste a bag for a tiny bit of waste.

The Neater Scooper comes in four great colors pink, blue, tan and green so you can choose your favorite or choose one that matches your decor. I really like that the bags for the scooper fit right into a slot at the base of the scooper so no worrying about losing or misplacing them. The handle snaps on and off which makes changing the bag a snap. Also you can store the scoop/handle inside the base of the scooper when it's not in use which makes storing it less noticeable if it is left sitting out. 

How would you like to win a Neater Scooper for your household? If you would then simply enter the giveaway form below and GOOD LUCK!!


  1. I like that the Neater Feeder keeps the food and water from getting all over the floor!

  2. I learned Neater Pet Brands is committed to partnering with and supporting groups and organizations that benefit both pets and humans alike

  3. I like the slow feed bowl! It looks intriguing and I wonder if it would actually slow our dogs down!

  4. I learned that Neater Feeder carries slow feed bowls. I have been researching them for my big dog and didn't realize they carry them.