Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Zipit Bedding

Is it a struggle to get your children to make their beds? I know most morning routines are rushed and bed making just gets left undone. Have you ever wished for a simple and easy way for your kids to be able to make their beds. Well I have found it for you Zipit Bedding is the super easy bedding for any child's bed. Thanks to Zipit Bedding your kids can easily make their beds within minutes and it will look nice and clean.

Sponsor Spotlight: Jackpot Candles

I am big fan of candles and love having my home smelling wonderful and inviting. With having asthma I have a hard time getting candles that do not bother me. Luckily I have discovered that soy candles do not bother my asthma. Though certain strong scents whether made with soy wax or not still do bother so I am cautious when picking out my scents. My newest candle that I am currently burning and have fallen in love with is a Jackpot Candles Ocean Breeze. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Nickerbacher Book

Do your kids love to read? I know that my children all enjoy books and either being read to or reading them themselves. I am always looking for new and interesting books to add to their book collection. The kids and I have enjoyed reading Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon our newest book. 

Sponsor Spotlight: Aden & Anais

With Angel cutting teeth everything is currently going into her mouth if she thinks it will work for chewing. Though she is my fourth child I still worry about what she is sticking in her mouth to chew on. I worry about some teething toys because there is no real good way to clean them and then you have to worry about germs and bacteria growing. (YUCK) I love toys and teething toys that I can easily and safely clean for my children. That is why I am in love with Angels' new teething toy from Aden & Anais

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fun 'n Sun Event Sign Ups


Summer Is Arriving Soon!

Kay from The More The Merrier, Amy from This Mamas Life and myself (Trista) from Andersons Angels are super excited that Summer is QUICKLY approaching! To celebrate, we are hosting an exciting event called Sun 'n Fun. This will be a big group giveaway event featuring many great sponsors for items that will help you get ready for Spring. It will be a ONE WINNER Grand Prize Giveaway Event.

We have secured a BlastZone Magic Castle Bounce House & a Skywalker 12' Trampoline already for this event so it's going to be BIG!!!

Dates: June 17 - July 15, 2015
Price: FREE! You will get ONE LINK for free! You have the option to buy more links for $3 each.
* The blogger who refers the most people to participate will receive $20 USD Paypal, so help spread the word!
Prize: Amy, Kay and I are gathering up a great prize package for ONE WINNER
Your Part: We will send you the HTML to post and have running during the event dates. It will include all the information about the prizes and the entry form. All you have to do is post!
Hashtag: #FunNSun15

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Springing Ahead Giveaway Event ($600 Value)

It is time for Springing Ahead!

Now is the time when friends and families get together to and spend some great times making memories outdoors. We Three Moms (Anderson's AngelsJoy of Mama Joyner and The More The Merrier), are so very excited to get outside with family and friends to enjoy the sunshine, we've joined with over 80 other wonderful bloggers, to bring you another huge giveaway event! One winner will take home all of the prizes we've managed to put together ($600 in prizes!) for The Springing Ahead Giveaway!