Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutting

Does your family love having pizza nights? I know mine sure does especially when I make homemade pizza (it's their favorite). But one thing I also dread is cutting the pizza because our cutters never seem to cut the pizza well, so then were left trying to tear it apart even though it was cut. Now that worry is over thanks to the Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter

I have to say that I am very happy with this pizza cutter. Thanks to the ergonomic handle this cutter is comfortable to hold and even Bubba who is left handed can use it very easily. The cutter works great no needing to go over your cuts several times because one time through and your done.  

Great Benefits to using the Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter:
It has a comfortable grip 
Great for people with arthritis, small/large hands
It has a sharp stainless steel blade for cutting easy
It has a finger guard for added safety
You can easily use it to cut any type of dough so its versatile
It is dishwasher safe
Is back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Make sure you stop by Amazon and pick up one of these great pizza cutters today!


  1. What a neat kitchen tool! I love that it will cut any dough!

  2. This is a great kitchen tool, I love how fast you can cut through your pizza using this .

  3. This pizza cutter looks most excellent. I give thumbs up on quality design.

  4. This is so nice I really need to get this pizza cutter.

  5. I like this, and I really like the handle, very nice and easy to hold.

  6. I need a good pizza cutter. Thank you for sharing.

  7. The blade must be very sharp if it cuts through the dough on the first run through.