Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All in 1 school supplies with Blum

It is hard to believe but Sweet Pea will be attending Pre-K this year. Oh where has time gone my little girl is starting school. She is super excited and can not wait for her upcoming first day. Now I get the great stress of getting 3 children school supplies. I really dislike big crowds and having to try and squeeze your way through to get what you need. Now thanks to Blum I won't have to do that to get Sweet Pea's school supplies.

I received a super cute all in one school supply kit for Sweet Pea to use when she starts school. I love that the kits are made with a rugged and colorful poly fabric case. They are loaded with 80% of items found on most school lists.There are a total of 41 pieces in each kit. Plus the case helps the kids keep their supplies organized and in one place.

These kits would also make great gifts for a child who loves art because they could take it along with them in the car. If you would love to win one of these great kits then be sure to enter the 2015 Back 2 School Event that is going on now.

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