Thursday, August 20, 2015

Save your seats with #DevotedDoggy

Do your pets love to go for car rides? I know that mine do but Daisy and Cinder get car sick so they typically don't get to go for car rides. Ginger however does great in the car and gets to go for rides all the time. I would love to be able to take Daisy and Cinder more but hate cleaning up vomit out of my vehicle so I leave them home unless they have to go to the vets. Now thanks to the Devoted Doggy seat cover I can easily take Daisy or Cinder with me and not have to worry about cleaning up vomit off my seats. 

My family has quickly fallen in love with our devoted doggy backseat cover. The seat is super easy to install in under a minute. The unique non-slip backing reduces the chances of the cover sliding around under your pet. It also has leather reinforced adjustable straps that help prevent the straps from tearing. The velcro openings allow easy access to the seat belts. 

The seat cover is super easy to clean as well just wipe it down with a wet cloth. We have also have laid our seat cover in the drive and hosed it off after Cinder got sick on it and a wet cloth just wouldn't do. This cover fits cars, SUV's, Mini Vans (back seat) and bench seats in trucks so no matter what you drive you can take your buddy with you. 

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  1. Woa, I think the Devoted Doggy seat cover is a good idea. Now thanks to your post, I must not worry about cleaning up vomit off my seats, Trista