Monday, October 19, 2015

October ADD/ADHD Awareness Month

Meet Bubba my oldest son!

He looks like a normal healthy almost 11 year old boy right... Well he is but he also suffers from ADHD a condition that I knew very little about except that the kids are usually horrible. That is not the case at all Bubba is one of the sweetest and most caring young men you will meet and has a great love for God and his family. But he struggles with sitting still and focusing while at school and even at home while doing homework. But that doesn't make him a bad kid does it?? Well in the eyes of some YES it made a horrible kid and they let him know that and tore this sweet boy down by bullying him.

It was not just kids but also teachers that did this for 2 years and finally my husband and I said enough. It got to the point where Bubba would cry and beg us not to send him to school he hated it because of how the teachers and kids would treat him because of his condition. So I home-schooled him for a year and then two years ago we open enrolled him in another school district. What a change we have seen in him!! He LIKES school now and is making friends and his teachers I could not be more impressed with!! They are so good with him and instead of tearing him down because he can't always sit there perfectly still they are helping him find ways to control his urges of movement. He is making friends and is back to his happy sweet self again which makes me very happy!!

If you follow me at all on here then you know that I am very big on natural stuff. Well giving my children medication is not something I like to do unless I can get it in a all natural form. Well unfortunately I have not found a all natural ADHD medication because well as far as I know one does not exist. We have found that cutting out Red Dye helps Bubba a lot as well and I try to feed my family as natural and organic as I can as well. There are so many different factors that play a part in controlling a disorder like ADHD that sometimes just changing a diet can be a big help. 

When it comes to the issue of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), there have always been many misunderstandings, myths and untruths that abound...but it is the TRUTHS that need to be shared to help people understand more about this challenge.

For instance...
Myth -- ADHD isn't a real medical disorder
Myth -- ADHD is the result of bad parenting
Myth -- ADHD only affects boys
Myth -- Children who take ADHD medication are more likely to abuse drugs later in life
Myth -- Children with ADHD eventually outgrow their condition

So please as you do with all other medical conditions educate yourself because this condition can occur in anyone from children to adults. A great place you can go to find out information about this condition check out this website.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I had no idea. Yes bubba is a sweetheart. They are going to evaluate Bean to see if he has ADD/ADHD. Im afraid to put him on medication to and was hoping there was a natural way. Going to check it out.